Mechanic Technician

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Employment: Full Time

We are looking for talented industrial machinery mechanics who are familiar setting up, maintaining and repairing standard industrial manufacturing machinery. You must be able to troubleshoot issues, identify symptoms and have confidence when something is wrong. We value the safety of our machine operators above everything else, so we need machinery mechanics who are able to spot malfunctions and take the steps necessary to correct them before they create a dangerous situation. You should have excellent mechanical knowledge, experience working with machinery and strong communication skills.

• Observe the operation of manufacturing machinery, paying attention to small details and symptoms to identify issues that need correcting, either in operator error or mechanical malfunction.
• Test machines to confirm the presence or absence of issues, making recommendations for continued operation based on the results.
• Disassemble malfunctioning or damaged machines, performing repairs or replacing worn or broken parts to ensure the safe continued operation of the machines.
• Operate repaired machine to confirm it is fully functional.
• Clean, test and lubricate machine parts every other day to keep them functioning properly.
• Evaluate the efficiency of each machine, making recommendations for practices or upgrades to improve output rates without compromising operator safety.
• Perform market research to identify new machine types and models that will improve the manufacturing process, creating reports to be presented to superiors.
• Demonstrate the correct operation practices to employees who are making mistakes, and train new recruits to operate the machinery safely.


• Experience in Laser Cutting, Bending or Forming machines.
• Experience in Machinery manufacturing and Tig Welding.


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