Production Manager

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Employment: Full Time

The production Manager has to assume the following tasks:

• Responsible supervision of all company production
• Control of all dimensions according to instructions of the technical department before starting production.
• Regular inspection of production regarding quality and speed of the work; normally 6 times a day. In times of high working charges this task can be delegated to one of the foreman. In this case, the production Manager must handover to the foreman a detailed checklist that prescribes the minimum of controls to be affected.
• Supervision of loading and unloading procedures of SGAPCO profiles and products, especially in order to avoid damage or loss.
• Responsible elaboration of production time schedules and personnel requirement plans under observance of the determined working hours of the budget. This task should be affected in cooperation with the technical department and within the general course of production time planning.
• A professional efficiency report in writing on the production personnel every 3 months and in cooperation with the foreman.
• Elaboration of order lists of auxiliary material for production taking into consideration the order times which can be obtained from the technical department.
• Responsible and punctual publication and supervision of the observance of by-laws for the prevention of accidents. If there are no Saudi laws applicable, German rules for the prevention of accidents should be applied as far as possible

The documentation and report for the technical manager shall be effected by the following means:
• During the conduct of production of each project, the production manager has to give a status report to the Technical Manager that includes information about progress of works (on the basis of a valid time schedule), consumption of working hours (budget-actual comparison), problems and possible proposals for improvements. For this purpose, a formularized sheet should be used by the production manager for reporting.
• After completion of every single production for a defined project the production manager will set up a final report to the technical manager which has to include the following:
• Fixed budget of working hours and hours actually required (divided in normal working hours and overtime).
• Fixed dates and dates actually achieved.
• Special incidents and difficulties as well as all personal efficiency reports as enclosure.

The Production Manager is the professional superior of the personnel assigned to him in writing. He is obliged to take knowledge and observe the “typical job descriptions” blinding for these employees.

Disciplinary measures are subject to prior consent of the General Manager and have to be agreed upon with the Administration Manager who is in charge of the scope of duties “personnel Affairs”.


Minimum 10 years of experience in manufacturing of Aluminum, wood and glass products.

Have a background in Lasik Machines, smart glass, wooden doors and furniture.

With Bachelor Degree on similar fields.

Please do not apply if your qualifications do not match our requirements.


SAUDI GERMAN ALUMINUM PRODUCTS CO.,LTD (SGAPCO) was first conceived in 1977 and was formed in 1981 with foreign participation , with emphasis on transfer of know-how. SGAPCO was created to meet their high standard for aluminum products demanded by national and international contractors, with optimum solutions for their problems. Construction of the plant was completed in 1981. Today, SGAPCO is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminium products such as curtain walls, partitions, thermo-insulated doors, windows, facades, structural glazing, automatic doors, rolling shutters, grilles and venetian blinds.

SGAPCO developed its own architectural aluminium profile system including hardware and accessories and a wide range of aluminium products based on the latest advances in this field.

SGAPCO managerial style is imaginative, innovative and flexible and keeps pace with the rapidly advancing technology of today.

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