Technical Manager

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Employment: Full Time


This duty has been performed well when:

1- Prepare Duty Poster.
All positions are managed according to staffing standards and personnel are advise at least 3 days in advance of their work

2- Prepare report and surveys
Prepare all technical related report such as monthly activity, quantity reports, pending projects, actual stand of projects, special incidents and proposals for optimization of the current business.

3- Initiate correspondence
Prepare meaningful correspondence both internal and external for M.D.'s signature. Correspondence must be well written, neat, accurate and free of errors. Correspondence received requiring reply must be answered within a maximum of three working days upon receipt.

4- Handle customer claim/complaint
Complaints are handled promptly, courteously, and claims are satisfied within the established SGAPCO policies.

5- Maintain Technical files, manuals and records.
To maintain up-to-date records of technical activities statistical data that shows the practice technical activities and achieved targets against previous years. Manuals should be always kept current; all files are to be retained in accordance with the SGAPCO polices.

6- Key subordinates informed.
Staff meeting, individual discussion and written communication are of such cleanness frequency and completeness that all subordinates are continually aware of matters that concern them on the job. Ensure that individual JPG have been mutually developed and each subordinate clearly understand the scope of his job.

7- Submit monthly reports.
Agreed upon report containing a list of reports all pending projects, actual stand of projects, special incidents and proposals for optimization of the current business should be submitted to the V.C./M.D. by the 2 day of the following month. All negative or positive variances are fully explained

8- Review target achievements.
To review and monitor target achievement, reduced travel expenses and initiate schedule and proposals.


1- Outside contacts.

As alternate for the M.D.he presents SGAPCO at meetings and in contact. with top Govt. agencies, managers and associated partners.In attitude appearance and personal standards of conduct, must portray SGAPCO image of one of the leading Saudi manufacturers.

2- Inside contracts
Based on the immediate reporting relationship, T.M. consults the V.C./M.D. in all relevant and developments covering the practice opportunities and strategies to secure business for SGAPCO. He also acts as advisor to the V.C./M.D. on Board spectrums of the technical activities.

3- Knowledge of latest technology
Application of modern technology is very essential for SGAPCO'S progress. Guarantee the high tech­nical standard of quality of SGAPCO products in keeping with the latest technological developments and in close co-operation with WMH.

4- Technical supervision
Responsible supervision of the technical handling of orders for all SGAPCO products. This responsibility includes the sections of Engineering, co-ordination with Production Department and Erection of all SGAPCO projects. In case of P. M’s absence, the T.M. should be able to substitute.

5- Car index 'Actual projects’,
containing project number, name of project, dates budged values, estimated engineering and erection hours with a monthly actualization for each category on a balance sheet.


1- Train personnel

All personnel are throughly trained in current policies and procedures related to their duties. No employee errors should ever occur because of training inadequacies.

2- Train and develop a replacement.
To ensure that required training and development is provided to at least one of the subordinates to assume the position of T.M. on a temporary basis.

3- Personnel Management
He ensures that all subordinates under his jurisdiction are fully dedicated to the promotion of technical services of SGAPCO.

4- Maintain a disciplined work group
After careful selection he motivates his staff to the most knowledgeable and presentable in soliciting technical from the practice services.

5- Maintain Moral
He ensures that his subordinates performance meets or exceeds all standards, and loyalty to SGAPCO is evidence by the quality of service rendered. Absentism in kept to minimum.

6- Grant merit increase
Merit increases are granted only to those subordinates who have continually exceed the performance standards for their job and achieved the objectives to which they agreed.


1- Prepare budget
Assist the V.C./M.D. in budget prepa­ration, devots to cost control. The budget should always reflect realistic needs of technical department.

2- Approve expense reports
Subordinate expense reports are accurate and reflect reasonable expenditures. Reports once approved are submitted to the V.C./M.D.

3- Control of cost
Monitor expenses versus approved budget to ensure that costs never exceed appro­ved budget limitations and cost reductions are effective whenever possible. Keep the F.D. be informed for the alteration of extra quantities & extra workmanship which was not included in the Original contract.


1- Ensure proper appearance at. offices and public/non-public areas.
All areas under the control of SGAPCO are clean, well maintained, work areas are physically arranged and equipped to permit maximum individual efficiency, Constant good house-keeping standards.

SAR 12,500 to 26,500 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.
Additional benefits: Round trip ticket, Medical insurance, Mobile and internet, bonuses based on performance, ...etc


The ideal candidate:
1. +10 years of experience.
Worked before in a manufacturing company's (Aluminum, wood, glass).
2. Preferably with Gulf experience.
3. Able to join within one month
4. Have experience in AutoCAD.


SAUDI GERMAN ALUMINUM PRODUCTS CO.,LTD (SGAPCO) was first conceived in 1977 and was formed in 1981 with foreign participation , with emphasis on transfer of know-how. SGAPCO was created to meet their high standard for aluminum products demanded by national and international contractors, with optimum solutions for their problems. Construction of the plant was completed in 1981. Today, SGAPCO is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminium products such as curtain walls, partitions, thermo-insulated doors, windows, facades, structural glazing, automatic doors, rolling shutters, grilles and venetian blinds.

SGAPCO developed its own architectural aluminium profile system including hardware and accessories and a wide range of aluminium products based on the latest advances in this field.

SGAPCO managerial style is imaginative, innovative and flexible and keeps pace with the rapidly advancing technology of today.

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