Training & Development Manager


Saudi Arabia

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

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Employment: Full Time

Training & Development Manager

Overall Summary

Plan and execute training and development initiatives that support the success of the KBR- AMCDE Business Plan. This role plays a critical part in supporting individual development and succession planning initiatives to ensure a skilled and capable workforce.

Experience: 10 years' experience in the field of training of which five years shall have been spent working as a developer of training programs in the Oil and Gas industry preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Collaborate with department heads and HR to identify individual development needs and goals for employees.
- Design and implement customized training programs and learning initiatives to address the specific development needs of employees.
- Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of individual development programs, making adjustments as necessary to ensure continuous improvement.
- Provide guidance and support to employees in creating and implementing their individual development plans.
- Track and report on the progress of individual development programs, highlighting achievements and areas for improvement.
- Work closely with senior management to identify key positions and talent within the organization for succession planning.
- Develop and implement succession planning strategies and initiatives to ensure a pipeline of qualified and capable employees for future leadership roles.
- Identify high-potential employees and create tailored development plans to prepare them for advancement opportunities.
- Facilitate leadership development programs and mentoring opportunities to groom future leaders within the organization.
- Regularly review and update succession plans to align with organizational goals and objectives.

- Develop and implement an annual training plan in line with the Business Plan.
- Manage the Training and Development budget to ensure its most effective use.
- Develop and deliver training and development programs to ensure that employees have the capabilities to achieve the Business Plan.
- Measure the effectiveness of training events to determine return on investment.
- Identify, support and develop Department trainers to ensure their effective transfer of skills, knowledge and behaviors.
- Ensure compliance with all relevant GES+ contractual requirements
- Seek client feedback and implement improvements/corrective actions as appropriate
- Accurately maintain up-to-date training database.
- Undertake additional projects as requested


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