Assistant Manager

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Employment: Full Time

Job Title: Assistant Manager for Building Material ( Hard Ware )

Job Summary:
We are seeking a highly motivated and knowledgeable Assistant Manager for Building Material to join our team. As the Assistant Manager, you will be responsible for supporting the overall operations of our building material department. You will assist in managing inventory, overseeing sales activities, providing exceptional customer service, and coordinating with suppliers and vendors. Your goal will be to ensure smooth and efficient operations, maximize sales, and contribute to the overall success of the building material department.

• Assist the department manager in overseeing day-to-day operations of the building material department.
• Manage inventory levels, including monitoring stock availability, conducting regular stock checks, and placing orders as needed.
• Coordinate with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely delivery of building materials, negotiate pricing and terms, and maintain positive relationships.
• Assist in developing and implementing sales strategies to achieve departmental targets and maximize revenue.
• Provide exceptional customer service by addressing customer inquiries, resolving complaints, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
• Train and supervise department staff, including providing guidance, coaching, and support to ensure efficient and effective performance.
• Assist in conducting performance evaluations and providing feedback to department staff.
• Collaborate with other departments, such as purchasing, marketing, and operations, to ensure effective cross-functional communication and coordination.
• Stay updated on industry trends, new products, and building material advancements to provide informed recommendations to customers and improve the department's offerings.
• Maintain a clean, organized, and safe working environment, adhering to company policies and safety regulations.
• Generate reports and analyze sales and inventory data to identify trends, optimize product assortment, and make data-driven decisions.

AED 4,000 to 6,500 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.
Additional benefits: As per UAE Labour Law


• Previous experience in a similar role in the building material industry is highly preferred.
• Strong knowledge of building materials, construction practices, and industry trends.
• Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
• Exceptional customer service skills and the ability to resolve customer complaints effectively.
• Proven leadership abilities with experience in supervising and motivating a team.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, and customers.
• Proficiency in using computer systems and software for inventory management and reporting.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and adapt to changing priorities.
• Attention to detail and accuracy in managing inventory and analyzing sales data.
• A proactive and solution-oriented mindset to identify and address operational challenges effectively.
• Local Market Experience of 1 – 2 years is a MUST.
• UAE Driving License Mandatory.


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