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Employment: Full Time

As a Sourcing Manager for Office Furniture in a retail company, the responsibilities would revolve around efficiently and effectively managing the sourcing and procurement of office furniture to meet the needs of retail business.

Vendor Management: Identify and establish relationships with reliable vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers of office furniture. Evaluate potential partners based on their product range, quality, pricing, capacity, and ability to meet the company's demands.

Negotiation and Contracts: Negotiate terms, pricing, and contracts with vendors to secure the best deals for the company. Your negotiation skills will play a crucial role in achieving favorable pricing and terms that align with the company's budget.

Sourcing Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive sourcing strategy for office furniture. This strategy should take into account factors such as product variety, quality standards, pricing tiers, and the evolving needs of your retail business.

Product Selection: Collaborate with internal stakeholders, including retail managers and interior designers, to select office furniture products that cater to the preferences of your target customers. Consider trends in design and functionality to offer appealing options.

Quality Assurance: Establish quality control processes to ensure that the furniture items meet the required standards. This might involve conducting inspections, requesting product samples, and setting up quality benchmarks.

Budget Management: Manage the budget allocated for office furniture procurement. Strive to balance cost-effectiveness with product quality to maximize value for the company.

Inventory Management: Maintain optimal inventory levels based on demand forecasts and sales trends. Prevent stockouts while minimizing excess inventory to manage costs efficiently.

Logistics and Delivery: Coordinate logistics and delivery processes with vendors to ensure timely and accurate shipments. Collaborate with distribution and retail teams to facilitate smooth product delivery to retail locations.

Market Research: Stay informed about market trends, emerging designs, and innovative materials in the office furniture industry. This knowledge will help you make informed sourcing decisions and keep your product offerings competitive.

Supplier Relationships: Cultivate strong relationships with key suppliers to foster a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership. Effective communication and relationship-building can lead to better terms and improved collaboration.

Risk Management: Identify potential risks in the supply chain, such as disruptions in raw material supply or geopolitical issues that might affect production. Develop contingency plans to mitigate these risks.

Data Analysis: Utilize data analytics to track product performance, sales trends, and customer preferences. This information can guide your decisions in refining your product assortment.

Sustainability Considerations: Given the growing importance of sustainability, explore options for sourcing eco-friendly and sustainable office furniture. Align your sourcing practices with the company's environmental values.


Role as a Sourcing Manager for Office Furniture in a retail company involves strategic thinking, effective communication, vendor management skills, and a thorough understanding of both the retail industry and the office furniture market. By making well-informed decisions and optimizing your sourcing processes, you can contribute to the success of your retail business while providing customers with appealing and functional office furniture options.

The candidate should be graduate in any discipline and with the minimum of 5 years of experience in sourcing office furniture's.


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