Digital Marketing Specialist - Chinese Speaking

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Employment: Full Time

Job Responsibilities:
Social Media Operation and Content Planning
• Responsible for the daily management and content update of the company's social media platforms, including but not limited to Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
• Develop and execute social media content posting plan, interact with target audience and continuously optimize the content to enhance brand exposure and attention. At the same time, deeply understand the needs of the audience and plan innovative content to attract more target audience

Data Analysis and Market Research
• Collect, organize and analyze social media and campaign data, formulate data-driven marketing strategies, and provide relevant reports and recommendations. At the same time, responsible for conducting market research and collecting industry and competitor information to provide data support for the company to develop marketing strategies. Through data analysis and market research, adjust strategies in time to respond to market changes and enhance the company's market competitiveness
• Activity Planning and Execution Assist in the planning and execution of online and offline marketing activities, including promotional activities, product promotion activities, etc., to ensure that the activities are carried out smoothly and achieve the expected results. Participate in the whole process from activity planning, execution to follow-up evaluation to ensure that the effect of the activity is maximized to enhance brand awareness and influence.

SEO Optimization and Ad Placement
• Responsible for SEO optimization of website and social media content to enhance the company's ranking and exposure on search engines.
• Assist in the planning and execution of digital advertising plans, including SEM, social media advertising, etc., to ensure that the effect of advertising is maximized, and to enhance the conversion rate of potential customers

Brand Management and Customer Relationship Maintenance
• Assist in formulating and executing brand promotion plans to enhance the company's brand awareness and reputation, and shape a good brand image.
• Establish and maintain customer database, follow up customer needs and provide professional solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Creative production and cross-departmental collaboration
• Possess video production and image processing skills, work closely with the team to complete the production and release of creative content. At the same time, work closely with sales, product and other departments to understand the product characteristics and market demand, to provide more diversified perspectives and inspiration for content creation.

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor degree or above, preferably majoring in marketing, media, digital media, etc.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
• Good command of digital marketing tools and software, including but not limited to Google Analytics, etc.
• video production and image processing skills, proficiency in the use of PS, Canva, premiere and other software, proficiency in the use of office software
• Possess a certain degree of English communication and expression skills, able to independently conduct oral communication in English.
• Strong learning ability, execution, and initiative
• Have a certain degree of stress resistance, can self-regulate the mindset
• Position is based in Dubai, UAE (1 month annual leave per year).

AED 4,000 to 8,000 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.


Established in Dubai in January 2017, Ginkgo International L.L.C is a visionary company committed to empowering Chinese brands to conquer the Middle East market. With unwavering dedication and a comprehensive approach, we provide extensive support and services, positioning ourselves as a leading force in fostering the remarkable growth of Chinese brands in the region.

Our Mission:

At Ginkgo International L.L.C, our mission is crystal clear - to be the guiding light for Chinese brands seeking to make a profound impact in the Middle East. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of this vibrant market and stand tall as the bridge that connects Chinese brands with the diverse and dynamic Middle Eastern consumer base.

Our Vision:

As we tread upon our path of success, Ginkgo International L.L.C envisions becoming the most sought-after partner for Chinese brands venturing into the Middle East. We aspire to create a legacy of empowerment, propelling Chinese brands towards unparalleled triumphs while fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation in this promising region.

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