Estimation Engineer

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Employment: Full Time

As an estimation engineer, your primary task is to analyze project requirements and create accurate cost estimates for construction or engineering projects. Here's an overview of the typical tasks involved in estimation engineering:

Project Analysis: You'll review project specifications, drawings, and other relevant documents to understand the scope, materials, and resources required. This involves assessing the complexity, size, and duration of the project.

Quantity Takeoff: You'll perform a detailed quantity takeoff, which involves identifying and quantifying all the materials, equipment, and labor needed for the project. This includes analyzing drawings, specifications, and conducting site visits if necessary.

Cost Estimation: Based on the quantity takeoff, you'll estimate the costs associated with materials, labor, equipment, subcontractors, and any other project expenses. You'll consider factors such as market rates, project location, project duration, and any special considerations.

Price Analysis: You'll compare and evaluate prices from suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring that the estimates are competitive and align with the project requirements. This involves obtaining quotes, negotiating prices, and maintaining a database of reliable vendors.


Risk Assessment: You'll identify potential risks and uncertainties that could impact the project's cost and schedule. This includes analyzing factors such as market fluctuations, availability of resources, and potential design changes. You'll provide contingency plans and alternative solutions to mitigate risks.

Documentation: You'll create comprehensive and detailed cost estimates, including breakdowns of costs for different project components. This information is often presented in a formal proposal or bid document. Accurate record-keeping and documentation are crucial for future reference and potential audits.

Collaboration: Estimation engineers work closely with project managers, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to gather necessary information, clarify project requirements, and address any concerns or questions that arise during the estimation process.

Continuous Improvement: Estimation engineers often review past projects to learn from successes and challenges. They stay updated on industry trends, new materials, and construction techniques to improve the accuracy and efficiency of future estimates.


Tiger Group start was in Construction Field through Tiger Contracting Company that was established in Sharjah - UAE in 1976, and now it is one of the largest groups in the region.

The group has diversified activities as the following:

Contracting: The group has more than 10 companies in UAE in addition to branches/affiliates that work in the region. These companies have the highest ranking from the concerned authorities. Moreover, these companies had accomplished plenty of projects like commercial towers, residential towers, universities, schools, hotels, villas compound & steel structures and etc...

Industries: In order to support / provide the ongoing projects with high quality products on time, we established "Tiger Industries" that include wood & furniture factory, aluminum & glass factory, kitchen & wardrobes factory and marble factory.

All these factories have been provided with the latest technology & machines in addition to the skilled manpower.

Real Estate Development: Tiger Group started its activities in Real Estate in parallel with Construction Booming in UAE and now it is one of largest real estate companies in the region.

Hundred Thousands of square meters of "Built up Area" had been accomplish which later converted to thousands of residential, commercial & retail units.

Hospitality: The group entered Hospitality field by establishing "Samaya Hotel", a five star luxury hotel, which is located in Deira - Dubai. The hotel is managed by "Samaya for Hotels & Resorts" & "Samaya for Hotel Apartment". There are still other hotel projects will be launched in Dubai.

Education: To develop Human in particular & the society in general, the group has established Al Yarmouk Private University & Al Yarmouk Schools in Syria in addition to multi stages schools in Syria, Jordan & Turkey. Furthermore, the management used to provide scholarships for top students.

Health Care: Since Human's care is core interest, the group has decided to launch a new hospital in coordinating with University Of Freiburg - Germany, the hospital will be provided with the professional / qualified specialists and equipped with the highest medical technologies. There are other initiatives under processing that contribute to develop the human & society together and we hope they will be ready soon.

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