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A Leading Educational Organization in UAE

Dubai, UAE


Facilities manager - report to executive director

Organizational description

The Playspace is a learning oriented play sanctuary that enables creative, open-ended, non-judgmental and unstructured play for children. The Playspace provides significant informal learning opportunities for all visitors in relation to the following areas:
• A place where kids feel emotionally safe (through no judgment) and are able to take risks in ‘low stakes’ environment to understand the consequences of their choices/actions
• A space that’s full of activities that allow, enable and encourages children to use their hands / work with their hands more to become better problem solvers
• Use of technology in a responsible, measured and augmentative manner
• Gaining fascination with STEAM curricula and concepts in a holistic manner (with explicit focus on pedagogical outcomes for school field trips)
• Aiding the development of self-regulation and emotional intelligence in children

Embedded in the community it serves, The Playspace seeks to be a hub for issues relevant to all parents and be a rejuvenating destination for parents.

Position Overview

The primary role of the Facilities Manager is to ensure that The Playspace (in terms of its services and equipment) is presentable to visitors, is running like a ‘fine tuned machine’, and is in the right state to be able to deliver an awesome experience to visitors. The Facilities Manager will be responsible for all FM deliverables, including all the hard services and the soft services.

These deliverables include but are not limited to maintaining the MEP systems, implementing a PPM process, managing a small team of in-house technicians, overseeing third party contractors, maintaining exhibits, health, safety and security of the visitors, liaising with and maintaining relationships with all relevant vendors and service providers, etc. The Facilities Manager will also be responsible to ensure that all regulatory requirements in relation to the Playspace are met and addressed appropriately, and that all paper work associated with the facility and equipment is kept in order. The Facilities Manager will act as the Safety Officer for the building and will carry the primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of all visitors.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Oversee Facilities Management & Exhibit Management/Maintenance
• Develop and implement a comprehensive PPM in relation to all the assets of the organization, including the HVAC systems, the electrical systems, the plumbing systems, the equipment provided in different areas for visitors to interact with, and so on
• Oversee the overall maintenance and upkeep of the building (through in-house personnel and third-party service providers) including liaising with landlord’s office as/when appropriate
• Take ownership (through relevant personnel) for the overall look and feel of the premises – and ensure that the visual identity of the building is consistently maintained to the target standard; ensure that the consumables and equipment used to clean the space are safe and non-hazardous to children and are suitable for the materials for which they are used
• Manage the pest-control situation in the building in all respects
• Lead the relevant members of the operations team in performing all relevant acts pertaining to the upkeep/maintenance of the building
• Ensure that the relevant members of the operations team take full ownership for the proper functioning and cleanliness of all the equipment and exhibits within the premises
• Oversee procurement, upkeep, and maintenance of the consumables required for the different exhibits/zones

Safety / Security
• Acting as the Safety Officer for the organization, oversee the physical safety of everyone on the premises and oversee the performance of the security staff
• Determine the opening/closing protocols and procedures from a building security and safety standpoint
• Responsible for building access issues, key control system and security monitoring
• Assist in implementing security/emergency procedures for the museum
• Support staff in case of any visitor-related or other emergencies
• Ensure that the staff have the right first-aid training to deal with medical emergencies and situations
• Maintain and update the risk assessment forms, method statements, and other documents associated with all the activities within the organization

• Take a lead role in relation to organization of small temporary events
• Project manage the entire process of setting-up for the events
• Liaise with multiple suppliers with a view to ensuring that the organization gets optimal service in terms of quality, timelines, and price

Other Responsibilities
• Be completely aligned with other colleagues, and proactively contribute to the success of any programs designed to enhance the profile of The Playspace within the community
• Develop and maintain policies and procedures pertaining to emergency situations (fire, accidents, etc)
• Through appropriate training of the floor staff, work to ensure the safety of all staff members and visitors
• Perform other duties and be involved in projects that contribute to achievement of The Playspace’s objectives



• The ideal candidate will be empathetic, kind, compassionate, and thoughtful, with substantive experience/insight in caring for children and visitors within organizations of a similar mold. She/he must have strong interpersonal and communications skills, be self- directed, energetic, a team player, and have a relevant background for this position.
• The candidate must have strong and demonstrable leadership and management skills, the ability to build collaborative relationships, a track record of results, and a passion for working with kids. She/he must be full of joy – and believe in sharing that with those around them.


• A minimum of three years of progressively responsible senior level experience in an FM role along with strong health & safety experience.


• A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required.


A leading educational organization in UAE.

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