Freelance Graphic Designer

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Employment: Contract

Freelance Graphic Designer - 2 weeks project

Project Overview: We are seeking a skilled 3D modeler and rendering artist to create a detailed 3D model based on a provided technical floor drawing and produce high-quality photorealistic renders of the specified space. The project involves transforming architectural plans into an immersive and visually appealing 3D representation that accurately captures the design and layout of the area.

Scope of Work:

3D Model Creation:
• Develop a comprehensive 3D model of the designated space using the provided technical floor drawing as a reference.
• Accurately replicate the architectural elements, proportions, and spatial relationships depicted in the floor drawing.
• Ensure that the model includes essential features such as walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, fixtures, and furnishings.

Material Application:
• Apply realistic materials to surfaces within the 3D model, including walls, flooring, ceilings, and objects.
• Ensure that materials accurately reflect their real-world counterparts in terms of color, texture, reflectivity, and transparency.

Lighting and Rendering:
• Set up realistic lighting within the 3D environment to simulate natural and artificial lighting conditions.
• Create a series of high-quality, photorealistic renders that showcase different perspectives of the space, highlighting its design, functionality, and ambiance.

Attention to Detail:
• Pay meticulous attention to small details to ensure a true-to-life representation of the space.
• Include furniture, decor, and other elements as indicated in the provided design specifications.

Revision Iterations:
• Provide opportunities for feedback and iterative revisions to ensure the final output aligns with the desired vision.

• Fully developed 3D model of the designated space in a common file format (e.g., .OBJ, .FBX).
• A minimum of ten (10) high-resolution photorealistic renders showcasing different angles and viewpoints of the space.
• All texture and material files associated with the 3D model and renders.

• The project is expected to be completed within 2 weeks from the date of contract initiation.
• Milestones and progress updates will be discussed and agreed upon throughout the project duration.

• Please provide a detailed cost estimate for the entire project, including 3D modeling, material application, rendering, and any revisions.

AED 10,000 to 15,000 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.


• Demonstrated experience in 3D modeling, rendering, and visualizing architectural spaces.
• Proficiency in using industry-standard 3D modeling and rendering software (e.g., Blender, 3ds Max, V-Ray).
• Portfolio showcasing previous work related to architectural visualization and rendering.


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