Front End Developer

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Abu Dhabi, UAE


Software Engineer - Front End



The Abjadiyat product team within Algorythma is seeking a Full stack Developer eager to learn and grow alongside our team of high-impact developers. You will work with teams of programmers, artists, marketing executives and product managers to assist this product in ushering in a new era of personalized learning delivery to early learners, and building an engaged community of educators. You will participate in the creative process from start to finish while improving game play. Please note that we have multiple roles open, including a Senior Developer with some architecture experience.

Key Responsibilities

- Prototype and design our web application
- Optimize our web applications to maximize speed and scale


Minimum Requirements

- B.E./B.Tech degree in Computer Science or a related field
- 3+ years of experience in web applications development
- Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
- JavaScript frameworks AngularJS or ReactJS
- Knowledge of PHP / Laravel
- Knowledge of Node.JS, Webpack, Grunt or Gulp
- Knowledge of Websockets,

Generous Benefits

- We offer a great salary and benefits package

Algorythma is an equal opportunity employer.


Algorythma is a first-rate end-to-end technology service company, Algorythma creates impactful products backed with experience from leading corporations and institutions across the globe.

Our team is passionate, highly skilled and specialized when it comes to creating technologies that deliver turnkey solutions and lead corporations through elevating change on a large scale. It's worth mentioning that, the team is driven by the desire to build exceptional products. We are committed to building market leaders in industries we operate, and we continue to evolve our technology and business models to deliver value to our eco-system.

At Algorythma, technology is at the heart of all that we do. From identifying issues that impact lives, to supporting experts in creating solutions, we focus on building products and teams that transform industries and the boundaries of business with technology.

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