HR and Admin Assistant

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Employment: Full Time

HR Part
• Responsible for supporting the HR work of overseas team, and collaborating with business departments to provide employee management, recruitment support, training support, salary and benefits, etc.;
• Responsible for promoting the implementation of the headquarters’ human resources strategies, systems, processes in the overseas region, and improving the efficiency of human resources operations.
• Strengthen employee communication management, conduct regular employee interviews in the overseas region, and provide feedback and problem solving.

Admin Part
Manage and renew company Licenses and Documents:
• Ensure all licenses and documents for entities registered in Dubai are up-to-date and in compliance with local regulations.

Assist in the oversea entity establishment and company registration:
• Support in the company registration including preparation of documents, communication with local regulatory authorities and keeping track of the process.

Office environment maintenance and daily office supplies procurement:
• Responsible for the maintenance of the office environment and executive offices and the purchase and replenishment of office supplies, including daily maintenance and cleaning, printers, exhibition hall electronic equipment, water and electricity networks and other equipment.
• Carry out regular equipment maintenance and supply of office supplies to ensure the office operation and be responsible for related payment and expense management and payment matters.

Top management accommodation:
• Assisting top management team’s renting accommodation, including finding suitable apartments, processing, and finalizing contract details, and pay subsequent housing expenses on time, including rental, water and electricity bills, Internet fees, air conditioning fees, maintenance fees and other related expenses.

Asset management:
• Responsible for the management of office fixed assets, including furniture, electrical appliances, office equipment, computers, etc. and check the usage of assets, updating user information, storage location management, labeling, etc.
Visitor reception:
• Assist in arranging reception work, including booking hotels and restaurants, arranging vehicle transfers, preparing gifts, debugging conference equipment, layout of exhibition halls, and arranging visits to the Expo site.
Other administrative support work:
• Company vehicle dispatching, management of document seals, documents and certificates, and employee business card printing, assisting in arranging employees' annual leave and business trip tickets and hotel reservations, etc.
• Be able to cooperate with and complete temporary and unexpected administrative support work.


• Have more than 2 years of experience in overseas human resources and administration, and have experience in handling overseas human resources and administrative business;
• Be familiar with the major modules of human resources, have experience in working in more than two HR modules, and be familiar with local labor policies, laws and regulations;
• Have strong execution, communication and coordination skills, and have teamwork spirit;
• Strong communication skills in both Chinese and English, careful, patient and responsible, good at constantly learning new knowledge and improving professional standards, and able to complete more complex work independently;
• Can use office software and have certain writing skills, the applicant with relevant office administration or administrative management experience will be preferred;
• Applicant who is familiar with UAE government policies and regulations will be preferred;
• Fluent in English and able to communicate in Chinese will be preferred


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