Junior Accountant

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Employment: Full Time

Our company is looking for a Junior Accountant with the below responsibilities:
a. Monitors daily the payments received from clients and distributes them to the assigned account manager
b. Collects and checks invoices from the providers and communicates any discrepancies
c. Prepares the list of invoices for payments to be reviewed by Senior Accountant and / or Finance Manager
d. Receives and verifies petty cash bills and enters them in the accounting system.
e. Prepares payments for local vendor invoices to be verified by Senior Accountant and / or Finance Manager
f. Records regularly accounting entries to be reviewed by Senior Accountant and / or Finance Manager
g. Maintains an organized filing system for the invoices and all related documents.
h. Regularly reconciles accounts payable ledgers against statement of accounts
i. Performs regular bank account reconciliations
j. Monitors daily exchange rates to be used in recording financial information
k. Handles internal queries related to invoices
l. Assists Senior Accountant and / or Finance Manager in keeping up to date the financial records
m. Prepares monthly the expense reports for utilities and couriers prior to payment processing
n. Reconciles and updates the internal database for any payment received or payment made to the providers
o. Manually authorizes credit card payments online
p. Assists in yearly external audits
q. ADHOC duties and assignments which may be given to you under management directives.


We are looking for a passionate Accountant who can help the business making financial decisions by collecting, tracking, and correcting the company's finances. They are responsible for financial audits, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring financial records are accurate throughout the year.


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