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Privately-Owned Global Enterprise In UAE

Dubai, UAE

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Employment: Full Time

Reporting to senior analysts or traders, the Junior Analyst will support the trading team by providing analytical insights, market research, and data-driven recommendations. This position requires a strong understanding of commodity markets, excellent analytical skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Key Responsibilities:

Market Research and Analysis:
- Conduct research on various commodities (e.g., oil, natural gas, metals, agricultural products) to gather relevant market data, news, and trends.
- Analyze supply and demand fundamentals, geopolitical factors, and macroeconomic indicators that impact commodity prices.
- Monitor and assess market conditions, price movements, and trading patterns to identify potential trading opportunities.

Data Analysis and Modeling:
- Utilize statistical tools and software to analyze historical trading data and derive insights to support trading strategies.
- Develop and maintain quantitative models to forecast commodity price movements and risk exposure.

Trade Support and Execution:
- Assist senior traders in trade execution by preparing trade tickets, coordinating with brokers, and ensuring timely and accurate trade settlements.
- Monitor trade positions and market exposure, reporting any discrepancies or potential risks to the trading team.

Risk Management:
- Collaborate with risk management teams to identify, measure, and mitigate trading risks.
- Assist in implementing risk management strategies and ensuring compliance with trading limits and regulations.

Reporting and Documentation:
- Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly reports on commodity market trends, trading performance, and risk exposure.
- Maintain accurate records of trading activities and relevant market data.

Technology and Tools:
- Utilize trading platforms, data feeds, and financial software to access real-time market information and execute trades.
- Stay updated with advancements in trading technology and analytical tools.

Team Collaboration:
- Work closely with senior analysts, traders, and other team members to share insights, ideas, and best practices.
- Contribute to the development of trading strategies and participate in team discussions.


- Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, mathematics, statistics, or a related field.
- Knowledge of commodity markets and trading principles, with a strong interest in financial markets.
- Proficiency in data analysis and statistical software such as Excel, Python, R, or MATLAB.
- Familiarity with trading platforms and systems used in commodity markets is a plus.
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with attention to detail.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with the team.
- Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced trading environment.
- A self-driven and proactive attitude, with a passion for learning and continuous improvement.


Privately-owned global enterprise in UAE.

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