Lead NDT Structures Technician

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Employment: Full Time


The NDT Technician reports to the Manager Structures & NDT?(Non-Destructive Testing) and is responsible for performing NDT tests in accordance with international industry standard EN4179. This includes the examination, interpretation, and evaluation of test results in line with GCAA and EASA standards to maintain required safety levels.


- Implement NDT procedures as laid out in Technical Procedure Manual and industry standards as defined in EN4179 in line with GCAA and EASA regulatory standards.
- Always ensure departmental compliance with IAW Etihad Technical Procedures.
- Carry out NDT inspections on airframe and components as directed by MCC Structures & NDT?manager and/or senior supervisor IAW work requirements.
- Understand NDT standards and specifications and adapt them practically to the actual working conditions to carry out a successful test with minimal supervision and be able to interpret and evaluate results according to the applicable standards, codes and/or specifications.
- Organize and report the results of Non-Destructive tests.
- Research, prepare, and sign off associated documents for record keeping purposes as per Etihad's approved procedures, Aerospace Standard Manual and industry requirements.
- Review documentation to ensure that all previous operations have been completed prior to NDT as required.
- Provides training and encouragement to new NDT employees to support their involvement in the on-going.


Education & Experience

- A minimum of 5 years aviation industry experience is required including previous experience in a similar Level 2 role.
- Certified to EN4179 Level 2 (PCN Aero)
- Experience on Airbus 320,350 & 380 and Boeing 777 & 787 ideally
- Formal training as a EN4179 (PCN Aero) Level 2 inspector.
- Excellent knowledge of NDT standards appropriate for an international airline
- Excellent knowledge of Aviation regulations (Specifically EN 4179, GCAA, EASA 145 and FAA145)
- High standard of English language

About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, was formed in 2003 and quickly went on to become one of the world's leading airlines. From its home in Abu Dhabi, Etihad flies to passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Together with Etihad's codeshare partners, Etihad's network offers access to hundreds of international destinations. In recent years, Etihad has received numerous awards for its superior service and products, cargo offering, loyalty programme and more. Etihad is recognised as one of the world's leading airlines in response to COVID-19 and was the first airline in the world to fully vaccinate its crew on board.

Etihad sees tackling the climate crisis as the most important issue of our time, and through strategic partnerships with major global aviation brands and OEMs, Etihad is relentless in its pursuit of industry decarbonisation


Etihad Airways is the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline was set up by a Royal Decree in July 2003, with Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, as its hub. Etihad started commercial operations in November 2003.

With Etihad, everyone who flies with us is welcomed as our guest.

This simple credo illuminates everything we do, from big things like making sure that our fleet is one of the most advanced in the sky, to small touches like letting you choose the films you watch.

Were proud to be the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates. At the crossroads between Europe and Asia, our home reflects our commitment to bringing the world closer together - as does our highly cosmopolitan staff.

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