Operations Support Manager

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Employment: Full Time

Manager, Operation Support


Oversee all aspects of mining operations, from strategic planning and budget management to safety enforcement and community relations. The role requires strong leadership, strategic thinking, and a commitment to safety and sustainability.

- Provide overarching strategic direction for the mine.
- Develop and implement long-term and short-term operational goals aligned with the company's objectives.
- Lead, manage and support the delivery of specific business plans and strategic projects to improve overall business performance.
- Ensure compliance with local and international environmental and regulatory standards.
- Monitor and manage operational financial performance, deliver effective cost management to enable business and financial performance, and support our growth.
- Cultivate and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders, including local communities, government entities, and investors.
- Lead, motivate and empower others to build employee engagement and maintain a high performing team, role model collaboration with cross-functional teams and resources.
Manage relationships and facilitate communication across our business to optimise operational performance, and fully utilise the expertise and capacity of resources within our structure.

- Internal Collaboration:
- Engage with and foster effective communication among cross-functional teams, including mining, geology, engineering, and safety departments.
- Collaborate closely with finance and accounting teams to align financial strategies with operational goals.
- Work in tandem with technology and innovation teams to integrate cutting-edge solutions into mining processes.
- Leadership Communication:
- Clearly communicate the strategic vision, goals, and expectations to all levels of the organization.
- Provide regular updates and reports to executive leadership on the progress and challenges of mining operations.
- Conduct regular meetings and forums to encourage open communication and collaboration among team members.
- Stakeholder Engagement:
- Build and maintain strong relationships with external stakeholders, including local communities, regulatory bodies, and government agencies.
- Represent the company in negotiations with suppliers, contractors, and other relevant partners.
- Address concerns and inquiries from stakeholders, ensuring transparency and positive engagement.
- Crisis Communication:
- Develop and implement crisis communication strategies to address any unforeseen challenges or emergencies in mining operations.
- Effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders during critical incidents, ensuring accurate and timely information dissemination.
- Reporting and Documentation:
- Oversee the preparation and presentation of comprehensive reports on mining operations, financial performance, and safety metrics.
- Ensure accurate and timely documentation of key activities, decisions, and milestones for internal record-keeping and regulatory compliance.
- Training and Development:
- Collaborate with the human resources department to design and implement training programs for staff development.
- Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement through effective communication of best practices and industry updates.

Global Networking:
- Participate in industry conferences, forums, and networking events to stay informed about global mining trends, technologies, and best practices.
- Build relationships with industry peers, staying connected with the broader mining community for insights and collaboration opportunities


Operational Boundaries:
- Adhere to all local and international regulations governing mining operations, safety, and environmental practices.
- Ensure compliance with company policies, standards, and ethical guidelines.
- Respect and operate within allocated budgets for mining activities and associated projects.

Environmental and Safety Standards:
- Make decisions that prioritize and uphold stringent environmental conservation and safety standards.
- Implement and enforce policies to minimize the ecological impact of mining operations and ensure the well-being of employees.

Financial Authority:
- Have decision-making authority regarding financial matters within the allocated budget.
- Make financial decisions that align with the overall financial strategy of the mine and contribute to cost-effectiveness.

Crisis Management:
- Exercise decision-making authority during crises or emergencies, implementing appropriate measures to safeguard personnel, assets, and the environment.
- Collaborate with crisis management teams to make timely decisions that address critical incidents.

Strategic Planning:
- Contribute to the development of the mine's strategic plans and goals.
- Make decisions related to the strategic direction of mining operations, ensuring alignment with the company's overarching objectives.

Stakeholder Relations:
- Make decisions regarding stakeholder engagement strategies and negotiations.
- Address and resolve issues raised by stakeholders in a manner that aligns with company values and regulatory requirements .

Personnel Management:
- Have decision-making authority over the hiring, development, and management of key personnel within the mining operations.
- Make decisions related to workforce planning, training programs, and performance management.

- Bachelor's degree in mining engineering or a related field, master's degree in management will be added advantage.
- Minimum 5 years Proven experience in a similar managerial role and 15 years of work experience within the mining industry.
- Mine statutory certification will be an added advantage.
- In-depth knowledge of various mining methods and technologies.
- Proficient in financial management and budgeting.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- Strong leadership and team management abilities.
- Ability to align operational goals with broader organizational strategies.
- Experience in identifying and mitigating operational risks.
- Highly organized and proactive team player with the ability to multi-task
- Track record of working collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
- In-depth knowledge of safety, health, and environmental regulations in processing operations.
- Analytical mindset with problem-solving abilities.


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