Project Director

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Employment: Full Time

Duties & Responsibilities

• To provide leadership and direction to the Project Delivery Team ensuring timely and effective decision making
• To act as focal point for all future developments and changes proposed for current and future projects
• To ensure the effective implementation of Procedures and Best Practice in line with the requirements of the business
• Appointment and commercial management of all required sub-consultants or other services
• To carry out the day-to-day management of the Project.
• Establish and manage project scope and objectives
• Resolution of technical and commercial disputes
• Identify and manage project specific risks
• Develop and maintain internal and external communication plans and maintain responsibility for all external communication
• Coordinate the services being provided by all parties, including other Business Sectors and sub-consultants.
• To provide front line communication and contact with the Client effectively managing Client expectations and ensuring Client satisfaction in line with the project scope
• To provide strategic advice for the Client with respect to overall development issues
• Liaison with the Client and Project Stakeholders
• Provide the principle point of contact with the client for the delivery of the Project services, and through which other Business Sectors and sub-consultants operate.
• To coordinate an overall schedule of meetings
• To specifically ensure that workshops deliver requirements
• Ensure the quality and timeliness of service delivery to clients
• Preparation, management and implementation of the project schedule with particular emphasis on:
• Statutory Authority approvals
• Design reviews
• Efficient delivery of project milestones
• Communication with Project Stakeholders including issue of schedule where appropriate
• Oversee claims management
• Overall Financial management of the project including:
• Preparation and maintenance of the Project Cost Plan
• Cash collection
• Management of Change Control
• Maintain agreed cash flow objectives by billing in accordance with the agreement.
• Preparation of and responsibility for performance measurement and cost reports and in particular the Monthly Project Review.
• Review deliverables against the resource and project schedules to establish performance against spend and programme to enable an accurate cost to complete to be maintained.
• Establish and maintain the administration and finance requirements through Deltek.
• To direct policy on the standard and quality of outputs
• Preparation of the overall project brief and project management plan and manage delivery against the plan
• Ensure that contractual deliverables are produced to the quality standards required, issued on time and in compliance with the clients requirements
• Monitoring quality of the work with respect to Project/Client requirements
• To establish, implement and maintain a Project Reporting Plan
• Report to SSH senior management by exception
• Chair and Issue meeting minutes of all formal project meetings with external and internal parties?

Qualities & Skills

• Minimum 15 years’ experience in Project Management of the design of building projects.
• Strong building design experience gained from International Consulting Companies
• Must be a fully qualified Project Management Professional
• Experience in Middle East is a preference.

Digital Platforms

• Office 365
• Online Communication tools (Skype, Web ex)
• Adobe Creative cloud
• Autodesk Revit
• SketchUp



• B.Arch or M.Arch or Degree and or Masters in a Engineering
• A Masters in Construction or Project Management desirable but not essential
• Professional registration with an internationally recognised institution such as:
• International Accreditation (RIBA, AIA or equivalent)
• Sustainability Certification (LEED, PQP or equivalent)?

Core Competencies Required

Customer Centricity
• Acts as an advisor and showcases mastery skills and know-how in leading and developing customer service initiatives to continuously improve satisfaction and enhance customer retention ratios.
• Exhibits in-depth expertise in addressing, investigating and resolving complex customer complaints to continue building a strong customer base and enhancing customer loyalty levels.
• Acts as a trusted advisor and displays mastery in customer service delivery by continually building and nurturing longterm strategic alliances and partnerships and effectively adapting market best practices to offer innovative and creative services and solutions.

Effective Communication
• Acts as a role model in delivering persuasive communication to senior and high ranked internal and external audiences and exerts the capacity to take the lead in creating an environment that encourages open and honest communication to promote transparency across the organization.
• Serves as a credible and powerful communicator, possesses the talent to effectively and clearly communicate complex issues, ideas and concepts to a wide and mixed audience and correctly interpret responses, to achieve mutual goals and reach common grounds

Teamwork and Collaboration
• Exerts mastery skills and know-how in transferring knowledge, experiences and information required to others to enable them to perform and deliver within their area of specialty.
• Demonstrates the ability to counsel, motivate and recognize the contribution of others to enable the achievement of collective results and shared goals.
• Exhibits the skill to lead cross-functional workgroups and promote a culture of open communication and respect that values diversity of inputs and showcases the ability to set an example by openly sharing areas of improvement and lessons learned.

• Accountability and Ownership
• Employs in-depth expertise in utilizing innovative ideas to maximize organizational success and possesses the capability to define, communicate and monitor team performance.
• Exhibits strong knowledge of internal and external environment by anticipating issues that may affect results and implement appropriate action plans supported by informed decisions, to reduce business risks.
• Shows the aptitude to set an example and be a role model to peers and subordinates in driving the organizational values and continuously displaying ethical and desired behaviors.
• Acts as a role model in inspiring others to be at their best and exerts the ability to rally them to rise to the occasion in high pressure situations.

Operational Excellence
• Acts as a role model in inspiring others to continuously exceed word-class quality and performance standards and exhibits the talent and aptitude to coach others on the application of clear business practices, respect for others and adherence to SSH’s code of conduct.
• Displays the capacity to hold people responsible for measuring the accuracy and quality of their work and the work of others, exhibit the ability to be a role model and portray passion and commitment to achieve optimum operational excellence and demonstrates the skill to operate effectively when faced with competing priorities.

Leadership Competencies Required

Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Exhibits the capacity to act decisively on strategic and long-term objectives using partial or incomplete data and possesses the ability and skill to make quick decisions founded on intuition and past experience when the situation requires immediate action.
• Displays the talent to motivate and inspire team members to adapt new ways of thinking about problems and in managing difficult and sensitive situations and encourage non-traditional ideas to achieve successful outcomes and reduce conflict impact.
• Exerts the know-how to explain highly complex issues to a range of internal and external stakeholders utilizing a breadth of analytical tools and techniques and showcases the ability to articulate informed business decisions in a logical and structured manner.

Effective Leadership
• Displays the skill and know-how to build momentum, maintain cohesiveness and create energy within one’s team (s) and demonstrates the capacity to manage cultural differences and diversity and adapt ways of influencing different individuals and recognizing different motivations.
• Showcases the capacity to provide team members with the clarity on roles and responsibilities, performance measures and key success areas and displays the skill to balance individual and team requirements to meet / exceed performance expectations.
• Demonstrates the talent of motivating and encouraging others to achieve results by means of understanding their needs and drivers and possesses the know-how to instill confidence and enthusiasm in team members.

Empowerment & Delegation
• Acts as a role model in developing talent and matching team members to jobs suited to their capabilities and possesses the talent to spearhead and drive the formulation of succession plans that will enable the creation of the next generation leaders and ensure business continuity.
• Exhibits the ability to entrust subordinates with fully autonomous areas of responsibility and promote a culture which values individual and team contributions and encourages the maximization of one’s full potential, focusing on long term goals and aspirations.
• Exerts the aptitude to create and encourage an environment where empowerment and learning and knowledge-sharing is stimulated in order to more effectively prepare employees to assume more senior responsibilities within their own areas.

Coaching & Mentoring
• Displays the ability to continuously coach, develop, motivate and engage low performing employees to effectively support them through to higher performance.
• Exhibits solid interpersonal skills required to actively listen, understand individuals’ needs, provide direction and guidance to further professional development and drive the emergence of desired behaviors.


Having been in business for 50 years, we have accumulated unparalled knowledge, skill, and creativity. We use our expertise to develop a truly tailored innovative and creative solution that is in line with our clients' specific requirements. We don't sell a "house style" - that's not our style.

The firm has its headquarters in Kuwait and has completed a wide range of projects locally and throughout the Middle East. A recent survey conducted by the World Architecture Magazine shows that SSH is currently ranked as number fifty two in the world.

We treat our employees as valued members of the team. We believe in the power of every single person who works here and the individual expertise they bring to a project. We reinforce the worth of every individual by giving them the room to excel.

SSH is registered in Kuwait with the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Defense, the Kuwait Municipality and many private enterprises.

The Firm is registered with international and bi-lateral agencies such as the United Nations Development Programme, the International Road Federation, the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development, the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, the Committee for Reconstruction and Development in Lebanon.

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