Recruitment Consultant

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Employment: Full Time

- Client Engagement
- Active Client-Facing Role: Build and maintain strong relationships with clients in the construction industry.
- Opportunity Creation: Identify and create recruitment opportunities, specifically targeting mid to senior level vacancies.
- Sector-Specific Marketing: Collaborate with the Marketing team to implement targeted programs for the construction sector.
- Full Recruitment Cycle: Manage the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to final placement.
- Candidate Screening: Identify potential candidates, conduct initial screenings, and present qualified candidates to clients.
- Negotiation: Assist in negotiating job offers, salary, and other terms.
- Interview Preparation: Help candidates prepare for interviews.

- Industry Expertise: The ideal candidate possesses a deep understanding of the construction industry, including various sub-sectors such as residential, commercial, civil engineering, and infrastructure.
- Proven Track Record: Demonstrates a successful record of accomplishment in recruitment, specifically within the construction domain.
- Networking Skills: Excellent networking abilities to build and maintain relationships with clients, candidates, and industry professionals.
- Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for client interactions, candidate interviews, and negotiation.
- Market Awareness: Stays informed about market trends, industry developments, and talent availability.
- Resilience: Recruitment can be challenging; resilience and adaptability are crucial traits.
- Client Management: Engages with clients to understand their hiring needs, business goals, and company culture.
- Candidate Sourcing: Sources candidates through various channels (job boards, referrals, social media, etc.).
- Interviewing and Assessment: Conducts thorough interviews, assesses skills, and evaluates cultural fit.
- Negotiation: Facilitates negotiations between clients and candidates, ensuring a win-win outcome.
- Placement and Follow-Up: Manages the entire recruitment process from start to finish.
- Client Relationships: Builds and maintains strong relationships with existing clients while actively seeking new business opportunities.
- Candidate Relationships: Nurtures relationships with candidates, providing guidance and support throughout their job search.
- Market Research: Regularly researches industry trends, salary benchmarks, and competitor analysis.
- Adaptability: Adjusts strategies based on market dynamics and client requirements.
- Business Growth: Identifies opportunities for business expansion within the construction sector.
- Pitching Services: Articulates the value proposition of recruitment services to potential clients.
- Collaborative Approach: Works closely with colleagues, sharing insights and best practices.
- Team Player: Contributes to team success and fosters a positive work environment.
- Targets and KPIs: Achieves performance targets, such as placements, revenue, and client satisfaction.


Established in 1984

TRS works around the world finding and connecting the best talent with businesses and organisations that: design, build, operate, maintain or support the production of goods and services for a variety of industry sectors covering; oil, gas, chemicals, infrastructure, life sciences, manufacturing, mining, power, renewable energy and public sector.

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