Restaurant Manager

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Employment: Full Time

The Restaurant Manager is responsible for overseeing the overall operations and management of the restaurant, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, exceptional customer service. This role involves coordinating and managing all aspects of the restaurant, including staff management and training, customer service and satisfaction,. The Restaurant Manager plays a key role in maintaining high-quality standards, fostering a positive work environment, implementing strategies to enhance customer experience, and driving overall business success.

Restaurant Operations:
• Oversee the overall operations and management of the restaurant, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations and efficient service.
• Assist Operations Manager for implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) to maintain consistent quality and service standards.
• Coordinate and manage all aspects of the restaurant, including staff scheduling, shift management, and table reservations.
• Prepare schedules for all personnel according to the forecast and within the limits of the manning guide, to ensure adequate manpower at all times.
• Follow up to ensure that food and beverages are served and cleared according to the standards and sequence of service.
• Ensure operating equipment is sufficient, in the finest condition, and of the highest quality.
• Understand and follow up on health, safety, fire, and emergency procedures, and report accidents and safety hazards.

Staff Management and Training:
• Schedule and supervise staff, assigning duties and responsibilities to ensure smooth operations.
• Provide ongoing coaching, feedback, and training to enhance staff performance and development.
• Foster a positive work environment, encouraging teamwork, motivation, and employee engagement.
• Ensure the proper appearance and grooming of assigned team members.

Customer Service and Satisfaction:
• Ensure exceptional customer service and satisfaction by addressing customer concerns, resolving issues, and maintaining a high standard of service.
• Monitor and respond to customer feedback, reviews, and ratings, taking necessary actions to improve the customer experience.
• To cultivate customer loyalty, enhance satisfaction, and attract new patrons by providing exceptional service and personalized experiences.

Financial Management:
• To monitor and control operational costs, including labour expenses and operational expenditures, to optimize financial performance.
• Conduct regular financial analysis and reporting, providing insights and recommendations to optimize profitability.
• Ensure accurate cash handling, sales reporting, and financial transactions in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Relationship Management:
• Build and maintain positive relationships with suppliers, vendors, and external stakeholders.

Compliance, Flexibility, and Additional Duties:
• Ensure compliance with applicable laws, health, safety, and sanitation regulations, and maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout the restaurant.
• Adhere to company rules, guidelines, and processes at all times.
• Stay updated on industry trends, new regulations, and best practices in the restaurant industry.
• Be flexible and adaptable, taking on any additional duties assigned by the management team to support the company's success.


Qualification & Experience:
• Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts or equivalent experience
• Previous experience as a Restaurant Manager or in a similar role.

Knowledge & Skills:
• Strong knowledge of restaurant operations, including food and beverage management, staff supervision, and customer service.
• Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
• Proven ability to manage budgets, control costs, and achieve financial targets.
• In-depth understanding of health, safety, and sanitation regulations.
• Creative and strategic thinking with the ability to drive innovation and improvement.
• Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to handle difficult situations.
• Proficiency in restaurant management software and MS Office.


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