Speaker Manager

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Employment: Temporary

Speaker Manager - 2 Months Contract

Opportunity Responsibilities: As the Speaker Manager, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless coordination and support of speakers who have been confirmed for events. Your primary focus will be on enhancing the speaker experience, facilitating their engagement with our programs, and contributing to the success of our events. You will be an essential part of the Programmes and Events Advisory pillar.

Key Responsibilities:
• Speaker Liaison: Serve as the main point of contact for confirmed speakers, building and maintaining strong relationships to ensure their needs and expectations are met throughout the speaker journey.
• Travel Coordination: Collaborate with the travel agency to coordinate all travel arrangements for speakers, including flights, accommodations, and transportation, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.
• Information Gathering: Gather comprehensive details from speakers for marketing and communication purposes, including bios, headshots, presentation materials, and any specific requirements they may have.
• Communication Hub: Establish and maintain open and clear lines of communication with speakers, addressing their queries, providing event details, and ensuring they are well-informed about the event logistics.
• Event Support: Provide dedicated support to speakers leading up to and during the event, assisting with any last-minute needs, technical setups, and ensuring their comfort and preparedness.
• Speaker Engagement: Develop strategies to enhance speaker engagement and participation in programs, fostering a sense of belonging and enthusiasm among speakers.
• Logistical Management: Manage the logistical aspects of speaker participation, such as scheduling, session assignments, and ensuring speakers are well-prepared and confident in their roles.
• Feedback Collection: Gather feedback from speakers post-event to assess their experience, identify areas for improvement, and implement enhancements to the speaker program.
• Content Coordination: Collaborate with content teams to ensure that speaker materials are integrated seamlessly into the event program, including presentations, panel discussions, and workshops.
• Emergencies and Contingencies: Develop contingency plans and protocols to address any unforeseen challenges that may arise during a speaker's participation in an event.
• Budget Monitoring: Assist in monitoring and tracking the budget related to speaker logistics, travel, and accommodation, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
• Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with internal teams, partners, and vendors to ensure the successful execution of speaker-related activities and deliverables.
• Documentation: Maintain organized records of all speaker-related communications, agreements, and documentation for future reference and reporting.
• Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on industry best practices in speaker management and suggest innovative approaches to enhance the speaker experience.

AED 15,000 to 18,000 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.
Additional benefits: Visa and medical insurance


Skills: The ideal candidate for the Speaker Manager role should possess the following skills and qualifications:
• Exceptional organizational and communication skills.
• Strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask effectively.
• Problem-solving abilities to address speaker-related challenges.
• Customer service-oriented mindset with a focus on speaker satisfaction.
• Proficiency in event management software and tools.
• Adaptability to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
• Collaborative team player with the ability to work cross-functionally.
• Previous experience in speaker management or event coordination is a plus.


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