Specialist, Exploration

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Employment: Full Time

Coordinates, directs & integrates the results of various multidisciplinary activities (geological, geophysical and specialist studies/evaluation) carried out by the Exploration Team involved in assessing and building a complete prospect inventory of the entire concession aimed at achieving the exploration objectives.

- Coordinates the integration of geophysical data with geological data to adequately generate leads and prospects with the application of existing & emerging technologies. Includes directing data interpretation by assigned geoscientists, integrating petroleum, reservoir engineering input to generate leads and prospects.
- Participates in the development, technical evaluation and ongoing reporting of the priorities, potential and scope of prospect inventory. Includes the preparation of portfolio of viable prospects covering identification of drilling locations and other related technical submissions and proposals necessary to obtain management approval.
- Applies risk analysis, in accordance with oil industry proven practices and ultimately rank generated prospects for long term exploration drilling program.
- Leads geological studies conducted by team members to enhance understanding of exploration prospects.
- Obtains approval to conduct highly specialized studies in conjunction with Shareholders, arranges and participates in monitoring and follow up of such studies, including basic analysis and evaluation studies, geochemistry.
- Participates in the preparation and updating of all exploration data pertaining to the teams. Ensures the continuous updating of stratigraphic data of the Company's concession area for exploration purposes.
- Verifies, validates & updates the exploration database on routine basis. Coordinates the analysis and reviews of such data to obtain clearer picture of the hydrocarbon prospectively in the Company's concession areas.
- Assists in planning and implementing the activities of assigned geologists, geophysicists and specialists (geochemist, structural geologist, petrophysicist, stratigrapher, sedimentologist and reservoir engineer).


Minimum Qualification
- Bachelor Degree in Sciences (Geology / Geophysics)

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills
- 12 - 15 years of experience in all aspects of exploration including regional geology, petroleum system, play evaluation, geophysical interpretation, prospect maturation, exploration well operations and post well evaluation
- Experience in the Middle East including UAE and/or Oman


We are one of the world's leading energy producers, and a primary catalyst for Abu Dhabi’s growth and diversification.

We operate across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, through a network of fully-integrated businesses, with interests that range from exploration, production, storage, refining and distribution, to the development of a wide-range of petrochemical products.

Since 1971, we have created thousands of jobs, driven the growth of a diverse knowledge-based economy, and played a key role in Abu Dhabi’s global emergence.

Today, we continue to look for new and innovative ways to maximize the value of our resources, pioneering those approaches and technologies that will ensure we are able to meet the demands of an ever-changing energy market, and continue to have a positive impact on the Abu Dhabi economy for generations to come.

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