Tower Crane Operator

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Employment: Full Time

We are looking for a dedicated and experienced Tower Crane Operator to join our Company to help us build high-quality structures efficiently and safely. The ideal candidate will have experience operating tower cranes, as well as a valid crane operator’s license. He will be responsible for the smooth and safe operation of the crane during construction, as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the crane. The operator will also be responsible for communicating with the construction team to ensure the efficient and safe execution of the construction project.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Adhere to all safety regulations and company policies while operating the crane
• Inspect the crane and load before each use to ensure that everything is in good working order
• Position the crane according to the project blueprint, using the jib and hoist line to raise and lower materials as needed
• Work with other construction personnel to ensure that loads are properly secured before moving them
• Keep the work area clean and free of debris to avoid accidents
• Monitor the load at all times to ensure that it does not swing or shift unexpectedly
• Lower the load gently and precisely into place to avoid damage
• Use the crane to move materials around the jobsite as needed
• Perform routine maintenance on the crane to keep it in good working order
• Keep track of the crane’s hours of operation and maintain a log of all activity
• Report any problems with the crane to the supervisor immediately
• Comply with all regulations regarding crane operation

Other Responsibilities:
• Operate different types of Tower cranes and hoists under expert supervision on a day to day basis.
• Lift attach loads with high accuracy.
• Work in compliance with safety regulations and procedures.
• Prepare and update daily log of material transportation which includes the position of materials and type of materials.
• Present the day to day report to the Site Supervisor and Project Engineer.
• Employ levers, pedals, and buttons efficiently.
• Ensure all loads are in accordance with crane limits.
• Assemble and set up crane towers at the Construction sites.
• Maintain heavy lifting cables on a uniform basis.
• Stay updated about your knowledge of crane functions and its operations.


Required Skills and Qualifications:

• High school diploma or equivalent
• 3+ years’ experience as a tower crane operator
• Excellent physical condition, with no fear of heights


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