Warehouse Supervisor (Mandarin Speaker)

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Employment: Full Time

Guildhall is collaborating with an international prominent logistics company, to recruit a skilled Distribution Centre Supervisor in UAE.

As a Distribution Centre Supervisor, you'll manage equipment and facilities, lead the team for efficient operations, optimize processes, oversee inventory, coordinate with other departments, ensure quality and safety standards, lead projects, and monitor expenses to meet company goals.


• Equipment and Facility Management: Responsible for the management of equipment and facilities within the operation center, including freight equipment, warehouse systems, and related technologies.
• Team Management: Lead and manage the operation center team to ensure efficient operations and completion of tasks such as sorting, loading, and distribution of goods.
• Process Optimization: Analyze and optimize the flow of goods, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with company-established standard operating procedures.
• Inventory Management: Manage warehousing and inventory to ensure orderly storage of goods, minimize errors and losses, and conduct regular inventory checks.
• Coordination and Communication: Coordinate effectively with other departments, especially with transportation, procurement, and customer service departments, to ensure smooth operation of the entire logistics chain.
• Quality Control: Ensure that the quality of goods meets company standards and coordinate and resolve issues related to goods damage or loss.
• Safety Management: Responsible for safety management of the operation center, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and company safety policies.
• Responsible for leading fulfillment warehouse operation projects, develop corresponding fulfillment warehouse operation models and organize construction according to market and company needs.
• Develop fulfillment warehouse development plans and work indicators, and provide solutions such as logistics (end-to-end) improvement, fulfillment warehouse layout planning, and efficiency improvement.
• Responsible for monitoring the entire process data of inbound, outbound, and fulfillment warehouse services, ensuring that the operation quality, efficiency, and cost of the fulfillment warehouse meet the company's goals.
• Develop work plans and business development plans according to the company's strategic development plans, periodically optimize and adjust to reduce company costs.
• Account for and monitor the expenses of the operation center, establish a special system for labor costs and operating costs, analyze abnormal expenses in various regions (e.g., optimize outsourcing costs - intermediary ranking, assess intermediaries, highlight cost-effectiveness).
• On-site manpower deployment (mainline, branch line, small item area), manpower measurement, and hourly wage calculation.


• Experience: Extensive management experience in logistics, warehousing, or related fields, particularly in managing operation centers.
• Leadership: Outstanding leadership and team management skills, capable of inspiring team motivation and fostering efficient collaboration.
• Technical Knowledge: In-depth understanding of logistics systems, warehouse equipment, and related technologies to effectively coordinate and resolve technical issues.
• Process Optimization: Ability to optimize processes, analyze and improve logistics and warehouse processes to enhance efficiency.
• Communication Skills: Excellent communication and coordination abilities, able to effectively communicate with employees at all levels and management.
• Decision-making: Capable of making sound decisions under pressure, handling complex logistics and operational issues.
• Safety Awareness: Strong safety awareness, able to develop and implement safety policies to ensure the safe operation of the operation center.
• Team Collaboration: Possessing a team-oriented spirit, able to coordinate cooperation between different departments and drive collaborative efforts across the entire operation center.
• Candidates should possess fluent Mandarin communication skills to effectively engage and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.


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