Key Account Management: Prioritise and Create a Profitable Environment

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Create and maintain quality key account strategies, which will bring success and profitable marketing. It's crucially important to choose the right team in order to establish and nurture the customer relationships. The world changes and the sales environment is rapidly changing too. We need to identify, develop and deliver new methods so we are ready to face sales characterised by complexity, long cycles and high demand. Through this insightful and fast pacing Diomas course you will have a better understanding of the latest thinking in key account and customer relationship strategy and customer segmentation for companies and individuals who would like to make the difference in this competitive and fast changing world.

Expected outcome:

Improve quality, service, margins and profit. The importance of prioritisation. Tackle customers' challenges and doubts by responding to their needs and expectations. Be a leader in your sale. Be proactive and recognise opportunities for further development of your business How you can separate and categorise key accounts Use the appropriate terminology to become more engaging and less forceful Identify target groups and create a plan to approach Understand the power of negotiation, persuasion and win-win situations.

Who should take this course

Anyone working in sales and key account management departments.

Customer service teams who would like to improve their sales.

Leaders of teams who would like to bring better results with their account managers


Certificate of Completion

Course content

Day 1  Understand the sales environment  Price vs Quality  Difference between Customer and Client  Understand your Client and their expectations  Clients then and Clients now – what has changed  Clients loyalty  The benefits of key account management

Day 2

 Creative approaches to key account management  Building relationships not just sales  Building value into the sale for all customer levels  Does every account matter?  Assessing continuously the key account program  Customer relationship management tool: opportunity planning  Personal relationships and account management

Day 3

 Negotiation techniques  Managing the long selling cycle  Things to consider during a meeting and a presentation  Do’s and Don’ts  Body language – how to read it  Communication styles – ways to approach different types of clients  Commitment wheel

About Course Provider

A dynamic and forward-thinking boutique consultancy, we provide executive staffing, bespoke learning solutions and consultancy services to the private and public sectors.

Greek for ‘the two of us’, our name Diomas embodies the belief that ‘two minds are better than one’. This is exactly what we represent in all of our projects; collaborative engagement to maximum effect. We apply this philosophy in everything we do; ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

It’s more than just the two of us though. We believe that there’s nothing more powerful than the combination of your organisation and our collaborative thinking – the two of us working closely together. Collaboration with you enables us to define the best possible outcomes for your business. Which is why we’re incredibly proud of the results that our valued clients are enjoying.

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