AgilePM Foundation Project Management Training Course

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Course Overview

If your career goals lie in Project Management then your first priority should be gaining internationally recognised certifications that will stand as testament to your skills. This fully accredited training course will not only provide you with these skills but also prepare you to pass the official exam for AgilePM Foundation and gain the certification that will help you to secure a promising Project Management position.

Agile Project Managers are expected to elicit requirements from the organisation, plan the project based on these requirements, delegate tasks to team members and to ensure that all of these actions are performed in alignment with the project plan.

The AgilePM Foundation certification will not only stand to prove your competency with the AgilePM approach, but also to increase your standing with potential employers by showing your dedication.

Who should take this course

If your goal is to pursue a career in Agile Project Management or to increase your performance within an Agile environment.


Agile Foundation Certificate, Awarded by APM Group Limited

Course content

AgilePM is an incremental approach to Project Management, meaning that AgilePM implements frequent review stages to ascertain that the progress and integrity of the project is consistent. This makes any deviations from the plan or any issues which may arise with the project easy to spot and rectify, adding to the flexibility of the Agile approach.

The AgilePM framework is used all around the world by organisations in many sectors, and has been responsible for bringing about great performance and productivity enhancements - particularly in organisations that specialise in developing new products and services.

The course materials in this course will make sure that you are fully prepared to pass the official AgilePM Foundation exams and gain the certification that will undoubtedly be instrumental in establishing your career.

During this course you will learn about:

  • What defines an Agile project
  • The DSDM philosophy
  • The DSDM approach and how it can be implemented
  • The 8 principles which outline how a project should be managed
  • The 4 primary project variables that may affect a project
  • Instrumental success factors that are vital to a projects outcome
  • Roles and responsibilities within an Agile project

AgilePM Foundation Curriculum

  • Module 01: Introduction
  • Module 02: Background
  • Module 03: Philosophy, Principles and Project Variables
  • Module 04: Instrumental Success Factors
  • Module 05: The DSDM Process
  • Module 06: DSDM Roles and Responsibilities
  • Module 07: DSDM Products
  • Module 08: DSDM Practices
  • Module 09: Planning and Control
  • Module 10: Examination
  • Module 11: Sample Examination

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Located in Sittingbourne, Kent in the United Kingdom, ITonlinelearning was founded by Jeremy Dargie in 2009. Our aim is to help both aspiring and seasoned professionals gain internationally recognised, accredited certifications that enable them to begin and develop their careers and develop into sought after and well-versed professionals.

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