Arabic For Beginners

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Course Overview

Are you an expat, living in an Arabic speaking country? Would you like to be? Are you fascinated by this incredibly important world region? This course will introduce you to this rich, and beautiful language in an engaging and simple to follow way.

Brainiwi Education are a couple with extensive teaching experience in languages and IT. They understand that Arabic is a difficult language to master, and have broken down the basics and essentials to give you a good introduction.

Who should take this course

Expats or anyone looking to learn Arabic

Course content

Part 1 – Introduction

Brief Overview

Arabic At A Glance

Quiz 1: Introduction Quiz

Part 2 – Alphabets

Know The Alphabets

Alphabets – Lesson 1

Alphabets – Lesson 2

Alphabets – Lesson 3

Alphabets – Lesson 4


Quiz 2: Alphabets

Part 3 – Diacritics

Tashkil Introduction

Shaddah & Tanwin

Quiz 3: Arabic Diacritics

Part 4 – Pronouns

How To Use Pronouns

Pronouns Examples

Quiz 4: Pronouns

Part 5 – Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns

Quiz 5: Interrogative Pronouns

Part 6 – Verbs


Useful Arabic Verbs – List

Quiz 6: Verbs

Part 7 – Numbers

Introduction To Numbers

Number 0-9

Number 10-19

Number 20-90

Number 100-1000

Ordinal Numbers

Quiz 7: Numbers

Part 8 – Date And Time






Quiz 8: Date And Time

Part 9 – Emotions And Feelings

Emotions & Feelings

Quiz 9: Emotions & Feelings

Part 10 – Common Phrases

Common Phrases

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