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The blockchain is a simple yet ingenious way of passing information from A to B in a fully automated and safe manner. One party to a transaction initiates the process by creating a block. This block is verified by thousands, perhaps millions of computers distributed around the net. The verified block is added to a chain, which is stored across the net, creating not just a unique record, but a unique record with a unique history. Falsifying a single record would mean falsifying the entire chain in millions of instances. That is virtually impossible. Bitcoin uses this model for monetary transactions but it can be deployed in many other ways.

Who should take this course

Everyone who wishes to enhance their career in Blockchain



Course content

Blockchain – course curriculum

• CS focused Physics

• CS focused Chemistry

• CS focused Maths

• Focus on the specialisation - in this case, blockchain

• Programming language

• OS

• Object-Oriented Programming

• Software Development with a focus on blockchain

• Database Management

• Soft Skills

• Industry and Manufacturing focused skills

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