Creating Winning Proposals

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Learn how to create and deliver winning proposals that persuade, convince and get you over the line.Proposals are persuasive documents that are fundamental tools in organizational funding and output. This course will look at sources of funding, types of proposals and how to write proposals that will meet funding agencies requirements. This will include a number of tips and techniques to increase the potential success of your proposals. An important but often overlooked aspect of proposal writing will also be covered. Building and Maintaining Relationships. Relationships are built on honesty. Potential projects must be a good fit for your organization and your organization must be ready to do the work contained in the proposal. The most successful proposals are going to be those that fulfill the mission and values of your organization and that of the funding agencies as well.

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Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • Session One: Course Overview
  • Session Two: Sources of Funding
  • Session Three: Funder Selection
  • Session Four: Types of Proposals
  • Session Five: Proposals as a Relationship Builder
  • Session Six: RFPs/RFQs (Requests for Proposals or Request for Quote)
  • Session Seven: The Ten Steps of Proposal Writing
  • Session Eight: Defining Your Proposal
  • Session Nine: Key Elements of a Proposal
  • Session Ten: Defining the Needs and Desired Results
  • Session Eleven: Resources and Activities and Evaluation
  • Session Twelve: Sustainability and Budget
  • Session Thirteen: Conclusion, Introduction, and Executive Summary

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