Crystal Healing and Reflexology Diploma

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Course Overview

Since ancient times, quartz crystals have been revered by people of all ages, cultures, and beliefs. Crystal Reflexology is not magical, but it is powerful and takes its foundation from Reflexology and Crystal Healing combined. It is therefore based on the ideas that the body and the workings of the body, emotions, and spirit are reflected in the feet; and that all of the body, emotions, and spirit vibrate and that the natural vibrations of crystals can resonate within the body to aid healing. There are many ways of using Crystals combined with Reflexology.

Through the Crystal Healing and Reflexology Diploma you will discover how to communicate with crystals and learn their secrets. You will gain a fundamental understanding of crystal therapy and reflexology. You will receive an overall view of the many, many ways that crystals can help on the road to wellness.

Who should take this course

Anyone interested.



Course content

Crystal Healing:

  • Crystal Healing Lesson 1 FREE
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 2
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 3
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 4
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 5 - The Aura Part 1
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 6 - The Aura Part 2
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 7 - The Aura Part 3_2
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 8 - Chakras 1
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 9 - Chakras 2
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 10 - Chakras 3
  • Crystal Healing Lesson 11 - Chakras 4

Crystal Reflexology:

  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 1 - Introduction
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 2 - History
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 3 - How Does Reflexology Work
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 4 - Detox Symptoms
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 5 - Contraindications
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 6 - Location of Reflexes
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 7 - Case History and Drug Interactions
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 8 - General Treatment Features
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 9 - Relaxation Techniques
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 10 - Techniques
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 11 - Step-by-Step Treatment
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 12 - Using Crystals
  • Crystal Reflexology Lesson 13 - Hand Reflexology

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