Cyber Security Expert - Training Package (with CISA, CISSP & CISM)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Master the advanced techniques required to protect network resources from external threat with this Cyber Security Expert bundle.

Who should take this course

This bundle is ideal for IT professionals who are responsible for audit, control and security of corporate computer and networking resources. It is also suitable for individuals who need to achieve an industry-recognised qualification.


There are no official pre-requisites for the CISA or CISM courses but CISSP requires students to have at least five years of recent full-time professional work experience in at least 2 of the 8 domains of CISSP.

Course content

This comprehensive package is made up of three of the world’s foremost IT security courses and will give you the knowledge needed to build and manage effective security solutions.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

  • Information systems audit process and how it is applied in a real-world environment.
  • The importance of applying information technology governance principles to maintain levels of security and availability.
  • Defining and managing the information systems and infrastructure lifecycle to better plan for upgrades and replacements.
  • Codifying IT service delivery and support mechanisms and levels to ensure systems and users remain fully productive.
  • Identifying critical information assets and designing systems to protect from loss, theft or unauthorised access.
  • Building a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy that will help keep the organisation running in the event of a major system failure

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

  • The principles of access control and how they can be strengthened and applied to keep unauthorised users out of a system.
  • Telecommunications and network systems that need to be hardened to prevent data loss or theft.
  • The role that information governance and risk management play in raising security standards and how they need to be applied to corporate information systems.
  • The importance of secure software architecture and design to help ensure that in-house systems protect data and resources.
  • Using cryptography to protect data in transit and prevent unauthorised access of files without the correct encryption keys.
  • Using security architecture and design principles to limit data access and potential angles of attack.
  • Monitoring, auditing and improving operations security to keep systems secure at the point of access.
  • Designing and implementing business continuity and disaster recovery plans to help re-establish operations as quickly as possible following a serious outage.
  • Legal obligations of data security and obligations that must be fulfilled in the event of a criminal investigation.
  • Physical and environmental security considerations

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

  • Establishing and maintaining an information security governance frameworks and processes required to support it.
  • How to manage information risks to an acceptable level.
  • Build, implement and operate an information security program that aligns with the wider information security strategy.
  • Planning the correct response to information security incidents.

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