Deep Learning Foundation

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Deep Learning is also known as Deep Structured Learning is a subset of machine learning and refers to neural networks that have the ability to learn the input data increasingly abstract representations. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are revolutionizing technology, business, services, and industry in a manner not seen before. This has been possible due to rapid progress and strides made in the computing and graphics processor technologies and widespread use of the internet and mobile devices.

Who should take this course

Everyone who wishes to grow their career in Machine Learning



Course content

Module 1 - Introduction to Deep Learning

· Deep Learning: The Series Introduction

· What is a Neural Network

· Three reasons to go Deep

· Your choice of Deep Net

· Deep Learning Market

Module 2 - Deep Learning Models

· Restricted Boltzmann Machines

· Deep Belief Network

· Convolutional Network

· Recurrent Network

Module 3 - Additional Deep Learning Models

· Autoencoders

· Recursive Neural Tensor Network

· Generative Adversarial Networks

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