Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master

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Postgraduate Course
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Course Overview

The Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master is focused on teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs or people who are willing to found a technology-based start-up. This program will permit the students to:

  • Learn and dominate Lean Start-up method.
  • Identify and solve the main management challenges that appear when creating a company.
  • Create the product or service based on ideas and put them into practice: marketing management, operations, financial management, negotiate with potential investors and make a successful business plan.

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to gain knowledge.


Zigurat Global BIM Manager certification, CanBIM Certification level P2.5, and software certification from Bentley, Autodesk, Graphisoft and/or Nemetschek

Course content

The postgraduate in Digital Entrepreneurship is oriented to train and accompany entrepreneurs or people who want to create a technology-based start-up. This postgraduate allows you to:

  • Learn and master the Lean Start-up method
  • Know how to solve the management problems that appear when creating a company
  • Create the product or service from a good idea, do the marketing, manage operations, finances, carry out the business plan and negotiate with investors
  • Respond to society's challenges of training entrepreneurs, creating innovative companies that create jobs and value for society.

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