Digital System Design with VHDL & Verilog

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VHDL refers to Very High-Speed Integration Circuit HDL (Hardware Description Language). It is an IEEE standard hardware description language to describe and simulate the behavior of sophisticated digital circuits. VHDL is one of the two languages used by education and business to design FPGAs and ASICs. The most popular examples of VHDL are Odd Parity Generator, Pulse Generator, Priority Encoder, Behavioral Model for 16 words, 8bit RAM, etc. Verilog is a hardware description language (HDL) that is used to describe electrical circuits and systems. It's utilised for hardware simulation as well as synthesis. The most common Verilog examples are a network switch, a microprocessor, a memory, and a basic flip-flop, among others. VHDL (Very High-Speed Integration Circuit HDL) is an acronym for Very High-Speed Integration Circuit HDL (Hardware Description Language).



Course content

Design for Testability

Fault Simulation

Test Vector Generation and IDDQ

Timing Verification

Boundary Scan


Sequential Design

State Machines

State Reduction & Assignment

State Machine Design & Analysis

RTL Systems & RTL Design



Test Benches

Introduction to FPGA

FPGA Testing

FPGA Design Flows & Design Tools

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