Diploma in Healthy Computing

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Course Overview

Sitting at a computer for long period of time can harm your body and mind. If you don't sit with the correct posture, you can easily end up with back pain, neck pain, knee pains, and a tingling of the hands and fingers. In this course, we share some good tips that help you maintain good ergonomics and stay healthy and comfortable at your desk during the day. This course will cover the matters which increase productivity at work, enhance employee safety by preventing injury, learning about the factors that could lead to back, neck and hip pain, learning how to set-up the desk to use the computer safely and understanding the risks associated with the use of laptop and how to avoid them etc.

Who should take this course

Anyone who works on a computer or sit on their mobiles for a very long time such as bloggers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and university students.



Course content

  • Diploma in Healthy Computing
  • Introduction
  • Body Position
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Mouse or Pointer
  • Document Holders and Desk
  • Chairs
  • Telephones
  • What Have We Learned
  • Work Process and Recognition
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Awkward Postures
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • 4 Steps to Setting Up The Computer Workstation
  • Exercises and Breaks
  • Conclusion


  • At the end of the course, you will be required to sit an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be assessed automatically and immediately so that you will instantly know whether you have been successful.
  • Before sitting for your final exam you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a mock exam.


  • After you have successfully passed the test, you will be able to obtain an Accredited Certificate of Achievement. You can however also obtain a Course Completion Certificate following the course completion without sitting for the test. Certificates can be obtained either in hard copy at a cost of

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