Dyslexia Therapist Diploma (CPD Accredited)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

With around 10% of people suffering with dyslexia, it’s never been more important to understand the disorder. This course will help those close to people with dyslexia and those seeking to become dyslexia therapists.

Led by the qualified experts of Renaissance Life Therapies, this course provides a comprehensive guide to dyslexia and its therapies. You will understand the basis of dyslexia, its diagnosis and assessment techniques.

The second half of the course will cover managing dyslexia using technology, and different approaches to take in the classroom, the workplace, and seminars to lead. Finally, the course will look at clinical therapy and treatments.

Who should take this course

  • Those with dyslexic children or colleagues

  • People interested in becoming dyslexia therapists

  • People with dyslexia themselves

Course content

Part 1 – Welcome to the course

Introduction to the course

Part 2 – Understanding Dyslexia

  • Defining Dyslexia

  • Activity 1: Which of These Celebrities Has Dyslexia?

  • Living With Dyslexia

  • Activity 2: The Dyslexia Experience

  • Causes of Dyslexia

  • Related Concerns and Issues – PDF

  • Quiz: Module 1

Part 3 – Diagnosis

  • Changes to the DSM and SLD Diagnosis – Plus Downloadable Resource

  • Diagnostic Criteria for SLD with Impairment in Reading – Slideshow and PDF

  • Resource: Spotting The Signs of Dyslexia

  • Quiz: Module 2

Part 4 – Assessment and Evaluation


Phonological awareness

Activity 3: Rhyming Exercises

Activity 4: Ellison Analysis

Activity 5: Blending Synthesis

Activity 6: Discrimination Exercises

Activity 7: Sound Matching Tasks

Rapid naming and word fluency – Slideshow and PDF

Activity 8: RAN Assessments

Reading fluency – Slideshow and PDF

Activity 9: Using Fluency Phrases

Reading comprehension

Activity 10: Comprehension Cube

Spelling – PDF

Activity 11: Word Search


Activity 12: Good Writing Checklist

Other Considerations

Sewing it All Up – Slideshow and PDF

Quiz: Module 3

Part 5 – Managing Dyslexia

  • Assistive and Adaptive Technology

  • Remediation Training – PDF

  • Self-advocacy

Activity 13: How Much of a Self-Advocate Are You?

Quiz: Module 4

Part 6 – Learning The Basics

Learning The Basics – Language

Learning The Basics – Spelling – PDF

Activity: How Good is Your Spelling?

Reading – Slideshow and PDF

Learning The Basics – Writing

Activity 15: Pronunciation

Activity 16: Silent Letters

Activity 17: Compound Words

Quiz: Module 5

Part 7 – Dyslexia in The Classroom

Building an Inclusive Classroom

Awareness – PDF

Differentiated instruction

Activity 18: Climax, Structure, and Elements of a Story

Activity 19: Context Clues Vocabulary Builder Activity

Activity 20: Comprehension and Inference Question Creator

Activity 21: Poetic Devices Finder

Activity 22: Figurative Language Finder

Activity 23: Character Traits and Motivations

Activity 24: Summarisation and Narrative Sequence

Activity 25: Identifying Facts and Opinions

Classroom Modifications

Activity 26: Section 504 – Classroom Checklist

Quiz: Module 6

Part 8 – Dyslexia in The Workplace


Workplace Coping Strategies – Slideshow and PDF

Organisation and Time Management – PDF

Reading Strategies

Writing Strategies – Slideshow and PDF

Memory Strategies

Activity 27: Workplace Dyslexia Checklist

Quiz: Module 7

Part 9 – Information Seminars

Organising Seminars

Activity 28: Creating A Mock Seminar Programme

Sensitivity Training and Real Change

Activity 29 : Adult Dyslexia Checklist

Quiz: Module 8

Part 10 – Intervention for Dyslexia


Resource: Dyslexia Assessment Battery Reference Sheet

Highlighting Strengths – Slideshow and PDF

Quiz: Module 9

Part 11 – Clinical Therapy

Medical Treatments – Slideshow and PDF

Nutritional/Allergic Treatment

Sensory Integration, Reading Reflex, and Optometric Treatment

Resource: Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist

Quiz: Module 10

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