Easy Introduction to French - Everything you need for complete beginners

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This course is for complete beginners, or for people who have forgotten everything they learned back in school!

Learn how to speak beautiful and grammatically correct French so that you can be easily understood on your holidays or speaking to French people. Every lecture is accompanied with easy explanations in English.

Stop making those silly English errors, and take this easy introduction with a friendly, informal tutor.

Who should take this course

  • French beginners
  • People going on holiday to France
  • French learners
  • English speakers with an interest in French and France

Course content

Part 1 – What is a verb

French Intro to Verbs

French aller avoir etre

Modal Verbs

French Reflexive Verbs

Part 2 – Introducing the Past Tense in French

French Passe Compose

How to avoid the most common errors

Part 3 – Nouns and Articles

French possessive pronouns

French Articles

French Contracted Articles

Part 4 – Key Parts of Making Sentences

How to ask French questions

French Negation

French Partitif

Part 5 – Describing Things

French first adjectives

French adverbs

French comparative superlatives

French adjectives

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