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About this Course:

  • Learn the secrets of electrics and never pay for simple defects that arise daily


  • Nowadays, electricity commonly called the current surrounds us almost everywhere.


  • Humanity's access to electricity is widespread and popular.


  • There are more and more devices for electricity.


  • If you run out of electricity, our life is paralyzed

The current is needed for life:

Nowadays there is a whole lot of devices for electricity. If not for the electricity in your installation, you would not read this text, he would be sitting in the dark, without heating and a warm meal. Well, unless you lit a fire.

Phone, computer, TV, home appliances, education, entertainment, leisure all work on the electricity and need it to function. You know how it is a power failure, what's happening, a tragedy, no electricity, no power, everywhere, hollow, dark and unpleasant.

One you repair the other will break down:

In addition, electrical installation and electricity devices are used every day, which leads to natural wear. The occurrence of a minor or major defect in the home, apartment or workplace is the order of the day.

In a word, in the rooms where you are staying every day.

Light switches, electrical sockets, electricity devices turn on and off several times a dozen or so times a day. You cannot see it with the naked eye, and electricity or electricity flows through the installation or device. Over time, faults occur, failures, wire wear, ripped socket, switch, plug.

You do not need specialized tools and permissions:

I do not know if you know that you can repair minor failures and malfunctions yourself. Yes, yourself using the simple tools that you have at hand. You do not need any rights or experience for this. All you need to do is learn the basic tricks and ways to repair the basic faults that can occur when using electrical installations and appliances for electricity. I'm not talking about replacing a burned-out light bulb because for this you do not need anything but a new light bulb and a bit of a desire to replace it.

Electricity for everyone:

Due to the Fact: that I was dynamically and actively working in the electrical industry and acquired qualifications and qualifications for operation and repair of devices and electrical installations with a voltage not higher than 1kV (this voltage usually occurs in homes, apartments, simple offices without complicated production processes) I decided to share this knowledge with you.

In addition, I will show you step by step:

  • How to replace the plug,
  • How wires connect,
  • How to replace an electric socket (colloquially called contact),
  • How to mount a single socket,
  • How to mount a double socket,
  • What to do to ensure that accessories (switches, sockets) do not fall out of the wall,
  • What to do if you have more than one cord in an electrical box,
  • How to connect a light switch,
  • How to replace the light switch,
  • The method of correct installation of home accessories,
  • Repairing simple electrical faults,
  • How to handle electricity safely

All lessons in the form of video with instructions on how to proceed in a given situation. You will see everything from the practical side. Using the camera I showed simple repairs that occur in everyday life.

Learn the secrets of electrics and never again pay for simple defects that arise from the use of electrical equipment and installations.

In addition, you will be independent and in the event of a simple failure or malfunction you will not wait unknown for the arrival of a professional. Perhaps you will not wait for him because he went abroad to a better paid job. And you will be without electricity. There are a lot of things you can fix yourself. You will save time and money and become a hero in your home!


If you pay for the course today, you will additionally receive a Method for Cheap Consumption. The method allows you to achieve lower electricity bills by 20-40%. However, you do not have to incur high investment expenditures. Simple to use and legal!

Basic knowledge:

  • Focusing
  • Reading comprehension

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

Any one who desires to learn it.


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What you will learn:

Manually repair simple faults that arise from the use of electrical installations and appliances for electricity

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