Forex Trading A-Z with Real Life Trading Examples

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Course Overview

Do see yourself as Forex Trader? If so, take this course and learn everything you need to know to start Forex Trading now.

Gain the tools you’ll need to become a reputable and successful Forex Broker, and get the lowdown on currencies, charts, bulls & bears, short selling and much more.

Data Science management consultant Kirill Eremenko, will use his expertise to give you the essentials from the basics, to analysis and getting to grips with the jargon.

Who should take this course

  • Anyone who wants to become a Forex Trader
  • People who want to increase their Forex knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to grasp technical analysis

Course content

Part 1 – Introduction


What Is Forex?

Players On The Forex Market

A Forex Chart

Base & Quoted Currencies

Bulls & Bears

Short Selling

Forex Brokers

Forex Market Hours

Quiz 1: Forex Basics

Part 2 – Forex Acronyms And Jargon

Ask And Bid Prices

What Is Spread?

Pip And Points

5 Digit Quotations

What Is A Lot?

What Is Leverage?

Equity And Margin?

What Is A Take Profit?

What Is A StopLoss?

Order Types: Buy, Sell, BuyStop, SellStop, BuyLimit, SellLimit

Quiz 2: Forex Acronyms & Jargon

Part 3 – Forex Analysis

Three Main Types Of Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Quiz 3: Forex Analysis

Part 4 – Fundamental Analysis

Reading The Economic Calendar

US Major News: Non-Farm & Unemployment – real example

A Sample Strategy For Trading Forex News

Quiz 4: Fundamental Analysis

Part 5 – Technical Analysis

What You Will Get From This Section

Supported & Resistance Levels


Triangle Pattern

Fibonacci Levels


Moving Average Indicator

Forex Robots & Algorithmic Trading

Quiz 5: Technical Analysis

Part 6 – MetaTrader 4

Installing MetaTrader 4 And Opening A Demo Account

Navigating MetaTrader 4: Part 1

Navigating MetaTrader 4: Part 2

Part 7– Calculating Risks the SMART Way

How To Calculate Pip Value

How To Calculate Forex Risks

Quiz 6: Calculating Risks the SMART way

Part 8 – Examples Using Real Money

EURSD H4 Sell – Live Trade – Downward Channel

Trade Analysis: $56.24 Profit

GBPUSD M15 Sell – Live Trade – Moving Average

Trade Analysis $39.62

Trade Analysis H1 Buy – Live Trade – Channel + Moving Average

Trade Analysis $22.72

AUDUSD H1 Sell – Live Trade – Fibonacci / Harmonic Pattern

Trade Analysis $41.74 Profit


Trade Analysis $13.64

Bonus: Aug 2015: Live Trading – EURCHF & GBPCAD

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