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The biggest advantage of using Google Tag Manager is that it makes it easier for marketers to deploy and modify tags without the need for relying on website developers. It can be put on multiple web pages and also on different websites with the help of a single Google account. Google Tag Manager or commonly abbreviated as GTM is a free tool offered by Google which allows website owners to deploy small snippets of code onto their website without having the need of modifying the source code. Its main use is to make tag management simple, easy and reliable.
Google Tag Manager Course is designed to walk you through Google Tag Manager from start to finish, giving you a firm understanding of the features and how to leverage value for your organization at a strategic level. Google Tag Manager is a versatile tool that lets you create and control all of your website’s analytic and marketing tags in a single place. With a wide and ever-growing range of features, getting the best out of this tool is not always easy. We’ll show you how Google Tag Manager gives digital marketers and analysts the flexibility to make quick and simple changes to marketing tags, and all the features that support the agile development of your website.

Who should take this course

Anyone who wants to become an expert in Google Tag Manager



Course content

• Fundamentals of Tag Manager (Applies to any tag manager)

• Signing up for Google Tag Manager

• Details of Google Tag Manager Interface

• How to setup Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics and track page views

• How to setup external link tracking as Events in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

• How to setup Button click tracking in Google Analytics

• Track JavaScript errors using GTM

• Deploy GTM in WordPress

• Use Data Layer in Google Tag Manager

• Facebook Conversion and Re-targeting Pixel Facebook event tracking

• Learn Google Tag Manager and use it for managing Digital Marketing and Analytics tags

• Learn how to deploy various tags and track them in Google Analytics

• Learn how to use Data Layer to track certain actions

• Learn how to deploy Facebook pixel via Google Tag Manager

• Become confident in using Google Tag Manager

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