Introduction to Interior Design

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Course Overview

With over six years experience and an undeniable passion for his craft, Mohamed Alaa Tahhan brings you an introduction to Interior design like no other. From concepts to colour schemes and materials to measurements, this course will provide you with the creative prowess and technical skills vital to interior design.

Mohamed Alaa Tahhan presents you with 53 comprehensive and entertaining lectures covering a wide array of topics that will guide you towards your new career! Furthermore, you’ll experience over 9 hours of carefully crafted video lectures, providing an unforgettable visual experience, designed to immerse you completely in this vibrant field, and help you get the most out of the course. At your own pace, you will learn about the core elements of interior design in an engaging, accessible and, ultimately, fun way!

Who should take this course

Anyone who has even been interested in Interior Design! Design students who want to get ahead of their fellow students! Creative minds looking for a new world to explore!

Course content

Section 1: Intro – Definitions

Lecture 1 What is an Interior

Lecture 2 What is an Interior Design

Quiz 1 Interior Design VS Interior Decoration 1 question

Lecture 3 Interior Design Process

Lecture 4 Interior Design Styles

Quiz 2 Interior Design Styles 2 questions

Lecture 5 Home Interior Spaces – Basic Rooms and Spaces

Lecture 6 Home Interior Spaces – Optional Rooms & Spaces

Lecture 7 Home Interior Spaces – House Extension

Lecture 8 Home Designing & Decorating – Basic Design

Lecture 9 Home Designing & Decorating – Extended Design

Section 2: Interior Design Basic Knowledge

Lecture 10 Designer Tools

Lecture 11 Design Elements & Principles

Lecture 12 Inspiration & Design Concept

Lecture 13 Colour Theme

Lecture 14 Material Collection

Section 3: Interior Design Advanced Knowledge

Lecture 15 Plan – Elevation – Section Principles

Lecture 16 Measuring Principles

Lecture 17 Scale

Lecture 18 How to Read Floorplans

Section 4: Technical Drawing

Lecture 19 Technical Drawing Definition

Lecture 20 Oblique Drawing 1

Lecture 21 Oblique Drawing 2

Lecture 22 Isometric Drawing 1

Lecture 23 Isometric Drawing 2

Lecture 24 Perspective Drawing Principles

Lecture 25 1 Vanishing Point Perspective Drawing 1

Lecture 26 1 Vanishing Point Perspective Drawing 2

Lecture 27 2 Vanishing Points Perspective Drawing 1

Lecture 28 2 Vanishing Points Perspective Drawing 2

Lecture 29 Floorplan – Elevation Drawing

Lecture 30 Floorplan – Section Drawing

Quiz 3 CAD: Do you know what this abbreviation means!? 1 question

Lecture 31 Sketch Drawing Principles

Section 5: CAD Basic Use (Computer Aided Design Software Basic Use)

Lecture 32 Photoshop Basic Use

Lecture 33 AutoCAD Basic Use 1

Lecture 34 AutoCAD Basic Use 2

Quiz 4 Understanding more about CAD 1 question

Lecture 35 3Ds Max Basic Use

Section 6: Sample Interior Design Project 10 Steps (Step by Step)

Lecture 36 Step 1: Space Surveying – Client Meeting – Design Brief

Lecture 37 Step 2: Working With Floorplan

Lecture 38 Step 3-1: Furnishing Floorplan Assignment Guide

Lecture 39 Step 3-2: Furnishing Floorplan Assignment Solved

Lecture 40 Step 4: Researching Tips

Lecture 41 Step 5-1: Sketching

Lecture 42 Step 5-2: Sketch With Photoshop Touches

Lecture 43 Step 6: Model Making Principles

Lecture 44 Step 7-1: 1’st Presentation Board (Proposal Presentation)

Lecture 45 Step 7-2: Organizing Project Files & Folders

Lecture 46 Step 8-1: Drawing Section AA’ With Furniture

Lecture 47 Step 8-2: Dimension & Section (BB’/CC’/DD’) Drawing

Lecture 48 Step 9-1: Floorplan 3D Modelling

Lecture 49 Step 9-2: Material Editing

Lecture 50 Step 9-3: Putting Furniture

Lecture 51 Step 10: Finalization – 2’nd & Final Presentation Board

Section 7: Conclusion – Outro

Quiz 5 Did you like this course and want more of these courses? 1 question

Lecture 52 See You In My Coming Courses & My Free Tutorials Website

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