Java Programming Basics (Video-based)

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Course Overview

Java is one of the most used and most popular programming languages in the world of IT development. Given its properties of platform independence, object-oriented approach, reusable code and dynamic classes, Java has emerged to be the most preferred language for programmers. It is quite easy to learn and implement, thus making it highly favorable in the programming community. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it was built keeping security in mind, and enables programmers to write code with fewer bugs, in lesser time.

Course content

Java Overview • How the Java Environment Works • HelloWorld Program • Launch Single-File Source Code • jShell REPL • Comments and Terminators • Identifiers Syntax and Types • Java Variables • var declarations • Java Types • Basic Java Types • Reference types • Conditional Expressions • Logical operators • If statement • While Statement • Do Statement • For statement • Special flow of control operators • Switch statement • Numerical Operators • Casting • Strings Classes and Objects •

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