Java Servlets (Video-based)

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Course Overview

A java servlet is a java programming language used to extend the capabilities of a server to handle the complex request obtained from the webserver. Servlet is fast as it doesn’t create a new process every new request received. It is a server-side component, so inherits the security provided by the webserver. In this modern era, where everything is becoming digitalized, a billion types of data generated on a day-to-day basis, there is a need to create dynamic web pages with the capability to change the content in accordance with the business or demand in the market. This can be done using Java Servlet.

Course content

    Introduction to World Wide Web ·        Understanding static and Dynamic webpages ·        How to create a HelloWorld application using servlets ·        Servlet interface, Generic and Http Servlet interfaces ·        Annotation and XML based configuration in Servlets ·        Difference between Get & Post ·        How Servlet works (Life cycle) ·        Load On Start-up Configuration ·        Request Scope in Servlets ·        Request Dispatcher interface ·        Inter-servlet communication using Response send.Redirect ·        Servlet Config ·        Servlet Context ·        Session Tracking using cookies ·        Hidden Form Fields ·        URL Rewriting ·        Http Session ·        Filters in servlets ·        Filter Config ·        Database connection in servlets ·        CRUD operations using servlets to MySQL database ·        Events and Listeners in servlets ·        Servlet Context Listener ·        Http Session Listener

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