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Learn Japanese, and embrace ''Omotenashi'' (to welcome guests wholeheartedly) for your Japanese hotel guestsTo really be able to welcome your Japanese guests, you need to have a good understanding of Japanese-style service, ''Omotenashi''. ''Omotenashi'' means "to welcome guests wholeheartedly." It comes from the verb "motenasu" which means "to make welcome" or "to entertain".Bringing customer service to a whole new level of perfection, ''Omotenashi'' equals a commitment for service excellence that can be felt the moment you walk through the door. With anticipating customer needs at the heart of the concept, this phenomenon is often perceived by outsiders as transforming mundane tasks into an elaborate welcoming ritual.Customer service in Japan is a highly developed art form, and it is not surprising to know that the same level of service would be expected whilst abroad. Learning some key words in Japanese will set you up on the road to ''Omotenashi''.

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Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • You may not realize that you already know a little Japanese
    • Greetings of the Day
    • How are you?
    • More Greetings
    • Contact details
    • Please and thank you
    • I don't understand
    • Yes / No
    • Clothes Part 1
    • Clothes Part 2 Accessories
    • Shopping for Clothes Part 3
    • Sales Part 1
    • Sales Part 2
    • Adjectives Part 1
    • Adjectives Part 2
    • In the shop
    • Where is/are the

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