Level 2 Certificate in Car Maintenance

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Human civilisation rapidly progresses after the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia by 3500 BCE. Since then, the technology enhances that results in the invention of car Benz Patent-Motorwagen in 1886 by the German inventor Karl Benz. As time passes, cars become more fast and well-featured means of quick transportation.

If you want to know the necessary car maintenance skill or wish to obtain a career in car maintenance or just want to start the car maintenance business, the Level 2 Certificate in Car Maintenance course is designed for you. Here, you will learn the general safety rules and tools, dashboard indicators, tires, IC engines and engine oil. Apart from these, the course teaches you about the cooling system, fuel system, electrical system, drive train, brakes systems of a car. Finally, you will know some basic understanding and auto repair industry.

So, enrol the course and know the essential skills of car maintenance.

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Course content


  • Chapter 1: Safety Rules & Introduction to Tools
  • Chapter 2: General Maintenance
  • Chapter 3: Dashboard Indicator Lights
  • Chapter 4: Tires
  • Chapter 5: Internal Combustion Engines & Engine Oil
  • Chapter 6: The Cooling System
  • Chapter 7: The Fuel System
  • Chapter 8: The Electrical System
  • Chapter 9: The Drive Train
  • Chapter 10: Brakes
  • Chapter 11: The Auto Repair Industry

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