Life Hacking: Limitless Productivity

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Course Overview

Limitless Productivity is a course for those who have had enough with laziness, poor social skills and a life that makes them miserable. This course is not about acquiring new professional skills, it’s about acquiring new life skills. Making you effective, successful and productive. No matter what your profession, or previous experience, you will change radically the way you’re thinking, interacting professionally with people and change the outcome of your effectiveness. Limitless Productivity is all about self-development.

Some people wake up each morning to an alarm clock, not an opportunity clock. If you can organise your day in a way that will be both productive and positive/pleasant for you to work through, you are simply destined for success.

Who should take this course

  • Anyone who would like to get off the couch now and start being productive
  • People that don’t believe that they can actually change their life and become more efficient in what they are doing should not take this course!

Course content

Part 1 – Intro to Productivity

What this course offers

Who am I and why you should listen to me

Part 2 – What to eliminate from your routine to become productive

How you should treat yourself

What about your fuel

Daily habits that kill productivity

Life/ Work balance


Part 3 – Practical skills

Managing your working hours

Optimal work/sleep balance

A simple free digital tool

Time saver free tool

Go full digital instead of losing time

How to prioritise your daily tasks

Practical skills

Part 4 – Positive changes

The right social environment

Serotonin booster

How to get closer to your goals every day

When you can reward yourself

Cognitive enhancers

Focus on the right things

Daily habits

Productivity Overview Quiz

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