Microsoft Office Essential Skills

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Course Overview

In this course on Microsoft Office skills you will learn from a Microsoft Certified Trainer how to use the core Office programmes in the workplace and at home. These real life and practical will enable you to get Office working for you!

Employers expect everyone to have basic Microsoft Office skills and this course will get yours up to scratch. Covering Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint, you will learn best practices and be able to achieve confidence and job satisfaction with practice.

Who should take this course

  • Regular users of Microsoft Office who want to be more confident
  • Those who have taken a career break and feel they are lacking in IT skills
  • Anyone looking to progress in an office based role

Course content

Part 1 – Introduction

Welcome to the course

Part 2 – Microsoft Office Word Essential Skills

A Quick Tour of the Interface

Using Styles

Spellchecking a document

Find and replace

Adding a list in Word

Inserting a table

Inserting a chart or picture

Using Autocorrect and Quick Parts

Saving a Document as a Template

Part 3 – Microsoft Office Outlook Essential Skills

Interface and setting up your account

Email and folders

Forwarding emails and using attachments

Outlook calendar

Recurring appointments and meetings

Outlook contacts

Outlook Tasks

Part 4 – Microsoft Office Excel Essential Skills

Simple Excel Calculations – Subtraction

Simple Excel Calculations – Multiplying by a Percentage

Simple Excel Calculations – Subtracting and multiplying in the same formula

Simple Excel Calculations – The Invoice

Simple Excel Calculations – Locking cell references

Excel formulas and functions

Inserting functions from Autosum button

Excel named ranges

Outlining in Excel

Sorting data

Adding filters

Intro to Excel Tables

Part 5 – Microsoft Office PowerPoint Essential Skills

PowerPoint Basics

Adding a bullet list and table

Adding a chart

Adding a SmartArt Diagram to a slide

Adding Images

Adding slide transitions and applying a theme

Adding animations

Putting it all together

Part 5 – Next Steps

Where do we go from here?

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