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Nutrition is considered as a supplementary need of our body. Without the right nutrition, it will be difficult for us to function properly which can be detrimental to both our physical and mental health.

There are different types of nutrients that are important for our diet which will be discussed in this Nutrition Bundle Diploma. This course also includes lessons on what food can give the right nutrients to your body needs and which food you should avoid.

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Course content


Module 1: Diet and Nutrition:

  • Getting Started with a Diet
  • Low Carb (No Carb) Diets
  • Women's Health Look Good Naked Diet
  • Prevention System's Flat Belly Diet
  • Weight Watchers International's Pro Points
  • Mike Geary's Truth about Abs Diet
  • HCG Diet
  • Diet Supplements and Weight Loss
  • Diets that Provide Food Supplements
  • Wrapping Up

Module 2: Heart Nutrition:

  • Role Of Nutrition In Heart Disease Treatment
  • The Natural Remedy Enhances Heart Health
  • Vitamins For A Healthy Heart
  • Nutritional Supplements For Treating Heart Diseases
  • Getting Folic Acid For Heart Disease
  • Natural Fat Is Good For The Heart
  • Wrapping Up

Module 3: Nutritious Appetite:

  • You Are What You Eat
  • Importance Of Nutrition For Dieting
  • The Delicious Foods You Should Avoid
  • You Should Eat More Nutritious Food
  • Your Weight Loss Nutrition Plan
  • Do Supplements Really Work?
  • Accelerate Your Progress With Physical Activities

Additional Supporting Materials:

  • Diet and Nutrition

Mock Exam:

  • Mock Exam - Nutrition Bundle Diploma

Final Exam:

  • Final Exam - Nutrition Bundle Diploma

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