Oracle BI Publisher - Certification Training

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Course Overview

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (also called Oracle BI Publisher) is an advanced reporting solution that helps users in creating, managing and delivering documents or reports faster than traditional tools. You can use web browser and desktop tools to design interactive documents and reports from multiple data sources. Users can also schedule their reports to be delivered to various destinations (fax, printer, email etc.) as per their business requirements.

Course content

  1. Overview 2. Installation 3. General Navigation and Preference · Create a new folder · Uploading a Resource to Catalog · Setting My Account Preferences · Configuring Data Sources · Creating a Data Model 4. Creating Reports · Creating a new report · Creating a report using report editor · Viewing a report in interactive view · Creating a Report Job · Managing Report Job · Connecting to an Email Server · Inserting Gauge Chart or a Pivot Table 5. Reports using RTF Template · Building RTF Template in offline mode · Building an RTF Template in Online Model · Using Template builder utility - Validate Template · Using Template builder utility - Field Browser · Using Template builder utility - Check Accessibility 6. Administering BI Publisher

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