Pharmacy Technician Skills Training Diploma

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Course Overview

A pharmacy technician assists in pharmacy-related activities such a supply medicine and provides information to patients under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. The profession opens a wide range of job opportunity. Learn the precise lessons of Pharmacy technician through our Pharmacy Technician Skills Training Diploma course and become the topmost one.

The course begins with the history of medicine from the ancient period to the modern age. It guides you how to deal with a prescription, drug regulation, and dispensation. It also instructs you about the responsibilities and standard.

Who should take this course

Individuals looking to work with pharmacists as an assistant or technician. People who want to improve their skills and develop their career further in the medicine industry.



Course content

Pharmacy technician in uk:

  • What is pharmacy technician?
  • Uk status
  • Pay and opportunities
  • How could the pharmacy technician role expand?
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Pharmacy & health care
  • The pharmacy technician
  • Terminology
  • Drug regulation & control
  • Prescriptions
  • Numbers
  • Routes & formulations

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