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Course Overview

With this Private Investigator Course, you'll develop the legal and professional knowledge and skills to become an effective private investigator. The course covers different aspects of the courts and the legal system, practices of civil and criminal case investigation and preparation, various investigative specialities and the latest industry trends. You will learn skills such as how to locate people using open sources of information, conduct investigations, constitutional law application, background checks and current investigative practices to prepare you to succeed in careers such as private investigator, corporate and private security, process service and insurance claim investigator.

Upon completion, you will understand the techniques and methodology to plan and carry out covert and overt operations as a private investigator.

Who should take this course

Private Investigator Course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain extensive knowledge, potential experience and professional skills in the related field. This course is CPD accredited so you don't have to worry about the quality.



Course content

Private Investigator:

  • Introduction to Private Investigator
  • Catching a Cheating Spouse
  • Covering Your Tracks
  • Gathering Intelligence
  • Identity and Privacy Protection
  • Discovering Hidden Assets
  • Cover Your Assets
  • The Art of Surveillance
  • Shaking A Tail
  • Finding Missing Persons
  • Theft Investigation
  • Securing Evidence
  • Private Eye Equipments
  • Dumpster Diving

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